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Meena Sankaran

MidoNet for the Overlay, Cumulus Linux for the Underlay. Like Coffee and Cream.

VTEP is not the only way MidoNet customers can use a switch that runs Cumulus Linux as the underlay (physical network) for the virtual, overlay networks. We’ve announced our partnership to work with Cumulus Networks earlier in 2014 to use Cumulus Linux as a Layer-2 VxLAN Gateway to bridge VLANs in the virtual network world […]

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Nolan Leake

Lessons Drawn from the Rise of Server Virtualization

It has become common to draw analogies to the rise of server virtualization during the early-mid 2000s to attempt to understand how network virtualization will change the way we build data center networks, both virtual and physical. This is a useful tool, as there are clear similarities. Server virtualization changed the amount of time it […]

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Leslie Carr | Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Workbench — A Year of Progress

At VMworld 2013, before the Cumulus Workbench was born, Cumulus Networks needed a quick way to demonstrate Cumulus Linux. One of our amazing engineers, Nat Morris, quickly whipped up a VM (almost out of nowhere), meant to run on virtualbox, on a laptop with two interfaces. Voila! Cumulus Workbench! For a first effort and for […]

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Working at Cumulus Networks - Stuart Bousel

My First Week Working at Cumulus Networks: Beyond a First Impression

Working at Cumulus Networks – it’s probably the most fun I’ve had at a job in a really long time. The narrow stairway at 463 (and a half) Bryant Street was my first impression of working at Cumulus Networks. Victoria opened the door, and I said, “Wow, this door is tiny and those stairs- what […]

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Nolan Leake

Cumulus Networks’ Open Source Contributions

Nearly everything we do at Cumulus Networks is open source. We stand on the shoulders of giants in our use of open source software, and so of course we give back everything that is legally ours to contribute. We recently published a program that we wrote in conjunction with our friends at MetaCloud: the VXLAN […]

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Carlos Cardenas | USTA Assistant Director

Democratizing the Networking Industry beyond the Two Party System

When it comes to the networking industry and purchasing a network device, a user typically has two choices: Party D and Party R. Sure, there are other parties out there, but they usually don’t make the ballot for one reason or another. Even when you are not a “hardcore” supporter of either party, you feel […]

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William Choe | Cumulus Networks

Bare Metal Networking, Then and Now…

What a difference a year makes. Just last year, bare metal networking was viewed as an aspiration for only mega-scale operators. A simple solution to enable any bare metal switch to operate any networking operating system was unavailable. Original design manufacturers (ODMs) and bare metal networking vendors were relatively unknown entities. Pricing and product availability […]

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Scott Emery

Host-MLAG: Don’t Let a Switch Bring Down Your Servers

How do you protect against failures in a data center? Selecting a stable location and using quality equipment is a good start. But no matter how much you spend and how lofty the promises of the vendor, hardware does fail. And because systems do inevitably fail, redundancy is your friend when it comes to minimizing […]

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Shrijeet Mukherjee | Cumulus Networks

Tipping Point 2.0

Nine months ago, I wrote about how advances in silicon designs and technologies were going to create a product set that will democratize the networking components in modern data centers. Specifically, that the Trident II family of products will perform the role that Xeon did on the compute side and provide the fulcrum on which […]

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