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Larry Hart

Software-Defined Data Center Straight Talk with Tom Burns & JR Rivers

The data center is flush with change and it’s hard to know where to turn for advice. The myriad vendor positions on technology are confusing and seem self-motivated to lock you into their technology. Meanwhile, your data center is being flooded with more traffic every day. Getting advice is hard so it’s not every day […]

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Nolan Leake | co-founder and CTO at Cumulus Networks

OpenStack and Cumulus Linux: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

OpenStack is a very popular open source technology stack used to build private and public cloud computing platforms. It powers clouds for thousands of companies like Yahoo!, Dreamhost, Rackspace, eBay, and many more. Why drives its popularity? Being open source, it puts cloud builders in charge of their own destiny, whether they choose to work […]

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David Sinn | Customer Solutions Engineer | Cumulus Networks

Accelerating Hadoop With Cumulus Linux

One of the questions I’ve encountered in talking to our customers has been “What environments are a good example of working on top of the Layer-3 Clos design?”  Most engineers are familiar with the classic Layer-2 based Core/Distribution/Access/Edge model for building a data center.  And while that has served us well in the older client-server […]

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Doug Youd

Open Networking for VMware vSphere: The Last Piece of the SDDC Puzzle?

VMware vSphere is one of the most prevalent virtualization platforms in the market today. Despite stiff competition from proprietary and open-source initiatives, VMware vSphere has continued to innovate and provide value to the enterprise. Now that I’ve kept marketing/SEO happy, lets dive right in. Two of the latest initiatives from the VMware marketing engine are […]

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Meena Sankaran

MidoNet for the Overlay, Cumulus Linux for the Underlay. Like Coffee and Cream.

VTEP is not the only way MidoNet customers can use a switch that runs Cumulus Linux as the underlay (physical network) for the virtual, overlay networks. We’ve announced our partnership to work with Cumulus Networks earlier in 2014 to use Cumulus Linux as a Layer-2 VxLAN Gateway to bridge VLANs in the virtual network world […]

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Nolan Leake

Lessons Drawn from the Rise of Server Virtualization

It has become common to draw analogies to the rise of server virtualization during the early-mid 2000s to attempt to understand how network virtualization will change the way we build data center networks, both virtual and physical. This is a useful tool, as there are clear similarities. Server virtualization changed the amount of time it […]

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Leslie Carr | Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Workbench — A Year of Progress

At VMworld 2013, before the Cumulus Workbench was born, Cumulus Networks needed a quick way to demonstrate Cumulus Linux. One of our amazing engineers, Nat Morris, quickly whipped up a VM (almost out of nowhere), meant to run on virtualbox, on a laptop with two interfaces. Voila! Cumulus Workbench! For a first effort and for […]

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