Cumulus Linux

The first, true Linux OS for
data center networking

Cumulus Networks is transforming networking with the industry's first, full-featured
Linux operating system for networking hardware.

What is Cumulus Linux?

Cumulus Linux is a Linux operating system that runs on top of industry standard networking hardware. It is a software-only solution that provides the ultimate flexibility for modern data center networking designs and operations, enabling the best of breed hardware ecosystem and the best of breed solutions ecosystem with a standard operating system, Linux.

  • Cumulus Linux Distribution

    Cumulus Linux is Linux, it is a networking focused Linux distribution based on Debian, and offers the entirety of the Linux experience on networking hardware. Cumulus Networks leverages existing Linux networking packages, enhances for gaps and innovates to provide modern tools and functionality for data center networking and contributes these back to the community.
  • Broad Hardware Ecosystem

    Cumulus Linux accelerates robust networking functions at wire-rate on a variety of hardware platforms. Cumulus Networks certifies Cumulus Linux operations for all products on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
  • Broad Application Ecosystem

    Cumulus Linux is a platform for applications. Existing open source and commercial Linux applications run natively on industry standard switches, and new applications can be developed and integrated rapidly, on par with new application development cycles.

Why Cumulus Linux?

Cumulus Linux enables faster, easier and more affordable networks by providing:

What's New?

Find out about the latest features and advancements of Cumulus Linux 2.5

Choice & Independence

  • Choice of hardware
  • Choice of application
  • No vendor lock-in

Why Network Architects
like Cumulus Linux?

It's Linux

  • Manage switches like servers

    with Linux on networking gear, leverage Linux know-how and transparency, leverage Linux as a platform with open source and commercial applications readily available, provide rapid integration and customization
  • Simple business model

    Software only, Disaggregated from Hardware, Subscription business model, Transparent pricing, Flexible budgets
  • Operational efficiencies

    Automated Deployment and Provisioning, Simple Configuration Management
  • Workflow automation

    Simplified Applications Deployment, Orchestration, Risk Management
  • Modern data center design

    High Capacity Fabric, Simple integration with overlays

Cumulus Linux Is Not Based On Linux. It Is Linux.

Who Benefits from Cumulus Linux?

Cumulus Linux powers over 1Million ports deployed across a range of customers in sizes ranging from webscale to small business, in industries ranging from technology to education, and in multiple markets worldwide.

Cloud and Service Providers

  • OPEX savings

    Large OPEX savings that can reach 90% based on automation, simplified operations and rapid deployment
  • Greater capacity

    Reinvest the savings in tools, services or applications that scale operations
  • Differentiation

    Cloud providers can innovate on top of Linux as a platform. They benefit from a rapid pace of innovation - innovation is no longer tied to hardware or software cycles but instead it is tied to applications.


  • OPEX savings

    With automation, rapid deployment, risk management tools
  • Freedom

    Freedom to choose the best hardware and the best software
  • Simplicity

    Simplicity and flexibility with L3 Clos Fabrics

Commercial Customers

  • CAPEX reduction with budget flexibility

    High Capacity at an affordable price (up to 80% savings on switches and optics), fixed form factor platforms savings with power/footprint reduction
  • Ease of deployment

    With automated provisioning (ONIE, Zero-Touch Provisioning) and Simple / interoperable L3 Clos Fabric
  • Linux skill set

    Reuse Linux skill set throughout environment