Technology PartnersCumulus Networks partners with leading technology companies to create new business opportunities and to develop end-to-end solutions for our shared customers. To obtain more information on the Technology Partner Program, contact us to Become a Partner.


"New data centers drive the need for high-bandwidth connections between servers and automation to allow management at scale. Cumulus Networks is a key partner to transform the networking industry with a modern Linux networking operating system and standard enterprise grade OS-agnostic switches."

Honda Wu, CEO of Agema System, Inc.


"Broadcom's StrataXGS® platform is ideal for public and private cloud, Web 2.0 and other modern, high-bandwidth applications that are driving the need for scalability and efficiency in the data center. We are pleased that Cumulus Networks has chosen our platform to develop their operating system to enable data center operators to achieve unprecedented levels of scale and efficiency."

Sujal Das, Broadcom Director of Product Marketing, Network Switch


"This is an exciting time for Dell Networking, with a host of new technologies helping customers virtualize their data center environments. The networking world is moving towards a disaggregated hardware/software model, and Dell is one of the businesses making this accessible to the broader enterprise market. We are excited to partner with Cumulus Networks as we focus our combined energies to embrace the Linux networking model, open standards and contribute to the Open Compute Project."

Tom Burns, Vice President and General Manager, Dell Networking

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Edge-Core Networks provides innovative network solutions to data center, enterprise and service provider customers worldwide through integration and distribution partners. EdgeCore is a subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the leading network ODM company, who designs and manufactures the Edge-Core data center switches.

Finisar Corporation

Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR) is the world's largest supplier of fiber optic subsystems and components for high-speed data communications in telecom, enterprise, campus, wireless, and cable TV networks. For 25 years, Finisar has provided critical optics technologies to system manufacturers to meet the increasing demands for network bandwidth. Finisar is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA with R&D, manufacturing sites, and sales offices worldwide.


JDSU is an industry leader in the optical components market, offering a broad range of products for data centers and traditional networking applications. Our products operate at 10/40/100 G data rates and are available in low-power, high-density platforms such as SFP+, QSFP+, CFP2/4, and QSFP28. JDSU is vertically integrated with key components including lasers, detectors, and custom-designed integrated circuits - this lets us optimize for cost, performance, and time-to-market.

Penguin Computing

For well over a decade Penguin Computing has been dedicated to delivering complete, integrated Enterprise and High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions that are innovative, cost effective, and easy to use. Penguin offers a complete end-to-end portfolio of products and solutions including workstations, rackmount servers, custom server designs, power efficient rack solutions and turnkey clusters. Penguin also offers the Scyld suite of software products for efficient provisioning and infrastructure monitoring. Additionally, Penguin Computing on Demand (POD), is a public HPC cloud that is available instantly and as needed. Penguin counts some of the world's most demanding organizations as its customers, including AOL, Yelp, Caterpillar, Life Technologies, Dolby, Lockheed Martin and the US Air Force.


"Modern data centers and distributed applications require high performance networks to connect compute clusters. The combined value of Quanta's global-scale engineering and manufacturing capabilities and Cumulus Networks' next generation Linux network operating-systems will deliver unprecedented performance, scalability and value to cloud data centers worldwide."

Mike Yang, General Manager and Vice President of Quanta QCT


"10Gtek's Direct-Attached Copper (DAC) Cables are a cost-effective and low-power solution and are ideally suited for environments that have huge demands on 10G and 40G network interconnection. Parterning with Cumulus Networks, we can jointly bring more choice to customers in the rapidly growing Data Centers and High Performance Computing markets."

Alan Wong, CEO of 10Gtek


"Jointly, Cumulus Network and CFEngine are able to deliver a fully automated and commoditized data center. Using off-the-shelf server-, storage- and network hardware, we offer software to help next generation infrastructure engineers automate all data center functions from one console, as one unified team."

Thomas Ryd, Co-founder and VP of Business Development


"Production-grade elastic clouds require rapid, repeatable, deployment models. Open Cloud System (OCS) relies on open systems that facilitate easy scalability and automation. With Cumulus Linux and the use of standard server management tools, Cloudscaling will be able to deliver a fully configured data center fabric that is robust, highly performant, and scales with a customer's cloud growth."

Randy Bias, Co-founder and CTO of Cloudscaling

InMon Corporation

"InMon is delighed to be working with Cumulus to deliver network visibilty using the standard sFlow instrumentation built into Broadcom silicon. The Cumlus Linux platform makes it possible to run the same open source agent on switches, servers, and hypervisors - providing unified end-to-end visibility across the data center. We are excited by the opportunties offered by the open networking model that Cumlus is pioneering. Cumulus Linux allows popular open source server orchestration tools to also manage the network. Combining real-time, data center wide analytics with orchestration make it possible to deliver self-optimizing data centers."

Peter Phaal, Founder & President, InMon Corp.


"Network innovation will be absolutely critical to the long-term success of cloud computing--in both the public and private realms. Cumulus Networks is driving exactly that type of innovation, driving public cloud cost efficiencies into the network side of OpenStack-based private clouds. As an OpenStack cloud provider, we're extremely interested in and supportive of the work Cumulus is doing."

Sean Lynch, Founder & CEO


"The partnership between Midokura and Cumulus Networks represents a significant step forward in the modern networking movement. By enabling virtual networks to span across both virtual and physical workloads, we will give customers the power of choice and the ability to experience networking without constraints."

Dan Mihai Dumitriu, Midokura CEO & Co-founder

Nuage Networks

"Nuage Networks is committed to removing the networking restrictions that hold back rapid cloud-based delivery of applications. We envision an open & responsive network infrastructure that offers administrators the SDN benefits of policy-based automation & IT-friendly abstraction without sacrificing control and visibility. Cumulus Linux 2.0 is another step toward delivering on that promise, and achieving our common goal of revolutionizing data centers for the open cloud era."

Dimitri Stiliadis, CTO and Co-founder of Nuage Networks, an Alcatel-Lucent venture

The Open Compute Project (OCP)

"Cumulus Linux will run on top of open compute switches and will give end users flexibility and choice to be able to build best-of-breed solutions for their network . It will also allow them to take granular control over what's happening on the network."

Frank Frankovsky, Founder / President, Open Compute Foundation


"Managing a web-scale data center requires the agility, speed, and scalability that can only come with automation. By presenting a standard Linux interface, Cumulus Linux allows Opscode Chef to manage switches as if they were just another Linux node, delivering the full benefits of automation for networking."

Jay Wampold, VP of Marketing, Opscode

Piston Cloud

"Piston Cloud's turn-key cloud software allows DevOps teams to easily deploy and manage an OpenStack private cloud, freeing them to focus on building application rather than infrastructure. Combining it with Cumulus Linux, we can deliver the same automated management benefits to the Networking infrastructure and help our customers realize the full potential of the software defined data center."

Joshua McKenty, Co-founder and CTO of Piston Cloud


"Cumulus Networks and PLUMgrid are an ideal combination for automated data center solutions that, in tandem, deliver increased efficiencies for our customers' data center operations. Cumulus Networks is one of the leading innovators in physical network infrastructure that complements PLUMgrid's break-through Virtual Network Infrastructure products."

Pere Monclus, Co-founder and CTO at PLUMgrid

Puppet Labs

Puppet Labs builds software that gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure changes, on-premise or in the cloud.


"There is an emerging network architecture being adopted by enterprises and service providers consisting of intelligent edge software, decoupled from the underlying physical network, running over general purpose network hardware. There are many benefits to this architecture, such as a software operational model and software innovation speeds, but the biggest benefit is customer choice. Cumulus Linux provides customers more flexibility in choosing the underlying infrastructure used to deploy network virtualization from VMware."

Hatem Naguib, Vice President of Networking and Security, VMware

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