Announcing our support for Open19, a  led project

Cumulus Linux is the first and only network operating system to support Open19

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Solutions for businesses that think bigger

The giants of cloud networking have paved the way for a web-scale IT architectural approach, but that type of automation and scale has remained costly and inaccessible for the average data center — until now.

What is web-scale IT?

We make scalability simple

With Cumulus Linux, you can use any bare metal switch and any app to automate, operate and scale your business.

Boldly break the status quo

Cumulus Networks unlocks the vertical stack so you do not have to rely on proprietary vendors. Build a network based on your needs and your budget, and scale with ease using a web-scale architecture.

With Cumulus Linux you can:

Build a better network your way

allowing complete freedom of choice and supply chain control with 50+ hardware platforms

Scale seamlessly

with a flexible and open architecture that is built for the automation age

Faster time to market

with easy configuration, single touch provisioning, and lower software maintenance

Uniform operating model

across compute and networking that integrates with standardized toolsets

Increase reliability

with the world’s best and most open Layer 3 networking stack

Reduce CapEx

by lowering the cost of acquiring open switches and optics

Reduce OpEx

by leveraging existing talent and assigning more switches per engineer

Get more sleep

by identifying problems quickly and fixing them efficiently

Lower your TCO by up to 60%

Get unprecedented operational speed and agility, at the
industry’s most competitive cost.

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Unlock the vertical stack

Choose from our 50+ hardware platforms.

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Trusted by hundreds of enterprises

Cumulus Networks has helped over 500 companies build modern, web-scale networks using our innovative, open networking technology. In fact, 28% of the Fortune 50 have already adopted Cumulus Linux.

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