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Ami Badani

Ami Badani

VP of Marketing

Ami Badani is the VP of Marketing at Cumulus Networks. When she joined in 2016, she was drawn in by the opportunity to apply her analytical thinking and investment banking experience, driving the shift from purely creative towards data-driven marketing. In the midst of the digital age, Ami positions herself at the crossroads of technologist and marketer with a focus on creating content that educates consumers through digital channels. Initially, the Cumulus brand intrigued her – we are a company of visionaries that is founded on innovation and one that is dedicated to fulfilling the customer promise. Now she leads a skilled team and strives to showcase marketing as a valuable business asset, whether it’s through driving pipeline through demand creation, building a unique brand, or engaging customers for life. Passionate about sharing the Cumulus journey with others, she often connects with press and analysts, drawing together our creation of a robust, disruptive product amongst industry giants, illustrating a cohesive and powerful underdog-story of success.

Ami fosters a collaborative environment and emphasizes being a team player, living by the saying “We win together, we lose together.” Likewise, she builds a team that is founded on authenticity, humility, and trust. She views the marketing team as a family and focuses on building deep, passionate relationships with members that extend well-beyond the workplace. Those who work for Ami are expected to be experts in their craft who consistently deliver on their commitments, while also having the ability to take on a wider breadth of responsibilities. In line with this, she is constructive and deliberate; she looks for individuals who can grow into different roles as the company grows. Additionally, being the technologist she is, she inspires her team to break out of the purely-creative bubble and grasp a fuller understanding of our product.

In her personal time, Ami flies by the seat of her pants, spends quality time with her family, and travels to unique corners of the world.  While growing up in Los Angeles and living in major cities domestically and abroad, she is well cultured, appreciates diverse backgrounds, and appeared in a P Diddy dance video as her claim to fame.  She finds her inner peace by going to the gym, reading a good non fiction book, or watching Law and Order SVU.