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Gordon Frank

Gordon Frank

Sr. Director of Sales

Gordon Frank is the Senior Director of Sales at Cumulus Networks. He was initially attracted to the disruption our product was causing within the networking industry and joining in early 2018, he ultimately saw the opportunity to work alongside some of the most innovative technologists in the Silicon Valley. Gordon is stimulated by the complexities of bringing Cumulus Linux to enterprise business and crafting multi-million dollar deals with some of the largest companies around the globe.

Gordon is an engaging and flexible manager who takes the time to understand the inner-workings of his reports and what motivates them. Likewise, he casts employees into roles that excite them and give them the drive to produce high-quality results, stating “management should be more carrot than stick.” His team is full of Type-A doers who lead from the front; fueled by the complex, face-paced flow of the workplace, they are constantly ready to tackle new challenges that arise. Successful reports are persistent, driven, and competitive individuals who are focused on making Cumulus Linux the standard in the networking industry.

Outside of work, Gordon all but lives at the beach. With his three daughters all grown up, he spends his free time with his friends, fishing on the sea in his Tri-toon. His greatest fishing achievement is the 53-pound striped bass he caught on the Jersey Shore.