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Harikrishna Modali

Harikrishna Modali

Director of Engineering - Automation

Hari Modali is the Director of Engineering at Cumulus Networks. He is a telecommunications professional with experience in security, routing, and project management with over 10 years of experience in system test engineering and operations. Coming to Cumulus in 2015, he saw the opportunity to apply his management skills and Python expertise to lead a team of engineers to reform the regression process, improving efficiency and scalability by making tedious and time-consuming processes automated. Working with open-source technology, he knows his efforts contribute to a larger community, proposing, “We all own it, so let’s make it better together.”

Hari is an organized problem-solver and a powerful team-motivator. He takes extra care in fully understanding how team-members work best, meeting with them frequently so he can cast them into roles that utilize their strengths and maximize efficiency. He motivates reports in a team-oriented way, creating connectivity by avoiding direct criticism and rather illustrating the team’s common goal. Hari appreciates those who have a knack for high-level communication; his reports communicate in a thorough, but straightforward manner, consistently giving him and the team insight into the progress and complications of projects. Hari also strives to be an advisor to this team, providing them with valuable experience that will extend into their future careers.

When Hari isn’t working, he can be found traveling through California with his camera, capturing the beauty of the natural world. Whether he’s capturing the setting sun behind Half Dome or the speeding of cars on the Bay Bridge, he always seeks to craft a story that leaves viewers in awe.