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Josh Leslie

Josh Leslie


Josh Leslie is the CEO at Cumulus Networks.  He joined Cumulus in 2015 as the VP of Worldwide Sales and within a year moved into the CEO role.   Cumulus is Josh’s 4th startup and once he found startup life, he knew he’d never go back to a big company.  As a sales leader, he was attracted to Cumulus because of our industry leading, market changing product.  He knew he could impact the business and build the company’s go to market DNA while driving revenue growth.  The opportunity to take the reins as CEO further fueled Josh’s passion for business and leadership, enabling him to work on the most interesting and complex business problems, set company strategy, lead a cross functional executive team, and partner with the Board of Directors.

Openness, transparency, trust and communication are key to Josh’s strengths as a leader.  There are no difficult conversations, only conversations, and anyone in the organization can (and does) talk to Josh about anything.  When it comes to managing his executive team, Josh has high expectations:  His VP’s are the domain experts and he expects them to drive their functions autonomously, delivering on their commitments in a way that is consistent with Company values – hiring the very best people and optimizing for the Company as a whole.

Josh believes in managing to results, not hours in the office.  He has a very close knit family and sets an example for the company by making family a priority.  If he’s in town, he’s home for dinner.  A Bay Area native and Berkeley grad, he’s an avid fan of our local sports teams (Warriors and 49’ers), he loves reading, coaching his son’s basketball team and hanging out with his boys on the weekends.