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JR Rivers

JR Rivers


JR Rivers is the CTO at Cumulus Networks. He co-founded Cumulus in 2010, becoming the CEO and in 2016 he stepped into the CTO role. Prior to founding the company, JR used his expertise in software engineering to realize the limitations in then-current technology and identify the holes in the networking industry. As information-oriented business expanded, high-performance networks became vital to economic success. With JR’s prescience, he and a small, innovative team led the networking revolution, pointing the industry towards open-source, Linux-based networks that are both powerful and cost-efficient. As CTO, he directs the company’s technical strategy, collaborating with product developers and engineers; as well as creating Cumulus recognition, working on the front line with customers.

As a manager, JR values collaboration and pride. People should be open-minded to continuous review and be ready to incorporate diverse perspectives into projects, while also having a sense of pride in their individual accomplishments. If you specifically produced something that impacts the company, own it! He also stresses the importance of understanding the purpose of the work being done and keeping that purpose aligned with Cumulus’ mission – bringing web-scale networking to the enterprise. JR sets his expectations by leading by example; he has zero tolerance for bullies (or assholes as he’d call them), and this is evident in his friendly, jovial nature he carries around the office. But don’t let his witty humor or sailor mouth distract from his dedication to the company – he always goes the extra mile to improve the work environment, whether it’s fixing something broken or asking someone about their day.

JR shares his excitement for Cumulus with his family, exposing his son to engineering and ins and outs of the workplace while he works as an intern. JR has an array of hobbies outside of work too. After taking a break from the college rock band life, JR has rediscovered his passion for music and can be found playing as lead guitar in gigs around Campbell. He also spends his time discovering how to move again, practicing his breathing and flow as he moves through the vinyasas of yoga.