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Kanna Rajagopal

Kanna Rajagopal

Director of Engineering - Integration

Kanna Rajagopal is the Director of Software at Cumulus Networks. With over 15 years of experience working on Storage Area Networking technologies as a software engineer, he was attracted to Cumulus for the opportunity to lead a team of experts to develop innovative technology. Since his start, he has doubled the size of our NetQ team and has initiated the expansion towards India. He and his team of engineers strive to expand the functionality of NetQ, our network visibility tool, and update our command line interface, simplifying the network configuration process for all users.

Kanna’s management style is based on fairness and team-playing. With any decision he makes, he consults the team and lays out the benefits and the consequences, inspiring members to consider the effects their actions have on others. He gives people the ability to control their own destiny by having them establish concrete goals early on. After that, he trusts his reports to honor their commitments and besides occasional sync-ups, reports have complete autonomy. Kanna also emphasizes creating a solid foundation for new hires and does so by forming informal mentorships between juniors and senior members of the team. Doing so also provides him with valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of juniors, allowing him to place them into roles that apply their talents.

Kanna enjoys spending his time with his family, whether he’s traveling the world to places like Bali or Jordan, or playing basketball and cricket with his son at home. When he has time to himself, he can be found doing just about anything cool. Kite-surfing is just one of the awesome things he’s good at… or at least he would be if he knew what a kiteboard was.