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Kaushik Shirhatti

Kaushik Shirhatti

VP of Worldwide Field Operations

Kaushik Shirhatti is the VP of Worldwide Field Operations at Cumulus Networks. He came to Cumulus with a deep passion to develop a world-class sales team and share our revolutionary product across the globe. He truly believes in Cumulus Linux and nothing makes him happier than seeing content, productive customers who find value in our solutions. He is stimulated by the blend of customer relationship building and cultural diversity he encounters in his role. Kaushik has a goofy sense of humor that radiates through the workplace; his prolific use of GIFs has earned him the title of GIF Guru.

Kaushik strives to be a service-oriented manager, who leads by example. In his own words, “A manager lights a fire under people; a leader lights a fire within people.” He is a doer, not a teller, and although he’d never admit to being a leader, his passion and competitive spirit give him a knack for inspiring others to do their best work. Kaushik creates a team-centric work environment, focused around collaboration and customer service. In the same lens, he is a hands-on contributor, emphasizing that reports do not work for him, they work with him. Besides being a team-player, successful employees have a hunger to master their skillsets, and with that are curious and eager to learn.

Between raising two children and trying to tame his off-the-walls Goldendoodle, Kaushik has his hands full inside and outside of work. When he does have free time, he explores his love for theater and has written and acted in several plays!