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Kelsey Havens

Kelsey Havens

Sr. Content Strategist

Kelsey Havens is the Senior Content Strategist at Cumulus Networks. After years working in heavily structured environments, Kelsey was eager to build a content strategy from the ground up with a talented and energetic team of thought leaders. Cumulus was the perfect place. Walking a blurred line between innovative creator and strategic analyst, Kelsey is constantly on a mission to find new and exciting ways to engage the customer. Putting together hundreds of assets and promoting them through ad campaigns, social media and the blog, she gets potential customers excited about Cumulus Linux by educating them on the importance of having a powerful and flexible network that enables fast-paced business.

Developing personal relationships with reports is key to who Kelsey is as a manager; she cherishes personality and authenticity and wants her management style to reflect who she is as a person (a bit of a goofball and a hippie). Because of her intimacy with reports, she creates a work environment that optimizes and targets individual strengths and aspirations. Meeting 1 on 1 with team members, she keeps reports on track by aligning company goals with personal objectives, while also administering the autonomy to structure their own day. Since content creators are constantly thinking of interesting ways to engage the customer, Kelsey values people with strong intrinsic motivation and initiative that can take the lead in implementing new, creative ideas.

Kelsey’s life outside work is dedicated to the outdoors. She and her friends are avid mountain bikers who are constantly in search of the golden sunset. She emphasizes that contrary to popular belief, the deserts of Arizona are gorgeous and biodiverse. In fact, if she wasn’t working at Cumulus, she dreams of living in a van in the middle of the desert with her dogs, husband and mountain bike (not necessarily in that order).