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Partho Mishra

Partho Mishra

VP of Engineering and Product Management

Partho Mishra is the VP of Engineering and Product Management at Cumulus Networks. He has years of experience managing product definition and engineering development within the networking industry, most recently leading RASA Networks as CEO. Marking the shift from inflexible networking infrastructure to open, white-box software, Partho is leading a team that is redefining the industry norms set by web-scale giants. A problem-solver at heart, he is stimulated by the blend of hands-on learning, customer interaction, and people managing that constantly provides him with unique challenges to overcome and features to incorporate into our products.

Partho’s determined nature reflects in his management style and even in the face of ambitious deadlines and expectations, he stays calm and focused on the objective, quickly analyzing the most effective ways to tackle problems that arise. Working hands-on with his peers, he actively seeks to dissolve perception of hierarchy, creating team-bonds through collaboration and experience. Partho is a results-oriented manager, so hours spent in the office isn’t important to him. He gives his team the autonomy to prioritize their time and encourages procedural flexibility in areas that allow it. With the fast-pace of a startup and vast challenges the engineering team encounters, Partho encourages his reports to emphasize team spirit and collaboration, creating a positive work environment for everyone.

Partho is a wine connoisseur who loves traveling through vineyards around California and even makes his own wine with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Nowadays, he spends his time grilling in the backyard with his family and reminiscing on his childhood, reading comic books about the adventures of Tintin - the Belgian boy detective.