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Pete Bratach

Pete Bratach

Manager of Documentation and Community

Pete Bratach is the Manager of Documentation and Community at Cumulus Networks. Stepping into his role in 2013, he saw the opportunity to propel an early-stage startup forward, applying his expertise in technical writing to clarify and highlight a revolutionary product and engage customers. On one hand, Pete strives to implement more agile and flexible tools enabling him to help users by providing clear, palatable documentation. On the other hand, he hopes to stimulate customer-to-customer interaction through popularizing online communication channels like Slack and expanding Cumulus Linux’s knowledgebase.

When it comes to managing, Pete tries to be as hands-off as possible, encouraging his reports to chart their own path by generating their own ideas and following through to see them succeed. He is always looking to make the documentation process more efficient and he’s very receptive to change, especially if it benefits our customers. Pete emphasizes cross-functional communication with engineering and product management to gain a complete understanding of the product. Additionally, working with Pete, reports should be exceptional writers and should be ready to hit the ground running, compiling accurate and concise content at short notice (just make sure to be consistent with your capitalization!).

Most of Pete’s time outside work is spent with his family; in fact, he just recently became a father! When he does find free time away from the hectic life of caring for a newborn, he’s out grabbing beers or playing board games with his friends.