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Rebecca Mendenhall

Rebecca Mendenhall

Senior Manager of Demand Generation

Rebecca Mendenhall is the Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Cumulus Networks. When she stepped into the role in late 2016, she saw an opportunity to make a valuable impact, working in a highly collaborative environment alongside intelligent and driven people. Leveraging her talents in creative media, multi-channel marketing, and lead and demand generation, she coordinates the marketing campaigns from strategy to creation and execution, consistently delivering results which help build the pipeline for the sales team. Becky is a dynamic and charismatic individual, and one with an aura of positivity that never fails to liven the workplace.

As a manager, Becky strives to give her team the same treatment she received when she came to Cumulus. Direct reports aren’t cogs in a wheel, they have individuality that when put together can help build a strong team dynamic. Becky tries to help her team achieve the results that contribute to the business, as well as develop the skills that will help them in whatever their career goals may be. Along the same line, she sees her role as a facilitator, instead of a controller; her sincerity and witty sense of humor unite the team by creating a feeling of equality, rather than hierarchy. Becky fosters an environment that encourages reports to think outside the box and she appreciates people who take the initiative to create and lead their projects with as little hand-holding as possible.  Creativity, initiative, and collaboration are key to succeeding in working for Becky as the team is constantly implementing new ideas to generate business for Cumulus.

In Becky’s life outside of work, she enjoys traveling and wine tasting, and can often be found at the yoga studio, exercising in the mornings and instructing classes in the evenings. One of her favorite activities is taking Sherri Fairbanks, her papillon-dachshund mix, for long strolls down the Santa Cruz beach. Becky is also an avid movie quoter – she herself admits that about 50% of what comes out of her mouth is not her own creation, but a quote from a movie or TV show. If you can join in, you're automatically in her good graces.