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Roopa Prabhu

Roopa Prabhu

Director of Engineering - Linux S/W

Roopa Prabhu is the Director of the Linux Kernel team and has worked here for over six years. Joining Cumulus in its early stages with only five other members, she took a leap of faith, hoping to make a significant impact in a revolutionary industry. Cumulus’ introduction of the open-Linux platform gave her exactly what she needed. Tackling new and intriguing challenges like ifupdown2 and Linux kernel switch ASIC hardware offload, she is rewarded knowing her breakthroughs not only impact Cumulus, but the entire Linux community. Additionally, she states “Joining Cumulus was the best decision of my career” because she is able to learn every day, following her passion for Linux in a constantly changing and stimulating environment.

When it comes to managing, she invites individual initiative, but is always open to any questions people may have. Juniors will be somewhat guided, as she challenges them to think in new ways, while seniors will mainly be left to deliver. Roopa is thorough and meticulous, valuing problem solving in a broader sense (keeping the bigger picture in mind). These attributes carry through to her management style. Roopa sets the expectations for projects early and often; and provides weekly sync-ups to ensure these expectations are met. With her employees, she stresses the importance of capturing the greater picture by developing code generically, so it applies to future similar problems and benefits the ecosystem. Along with having on-the-spot problem solving skills, a passion for Linux and a desire to learn are at the heart of every successful direct report.

In Roopa’s life outside of work, she spends a lot of her time staying active, whether it be running (and sometimes training for half marathons), hiking, or biking; and can also be found caring for her daughter. She has a passion for the arts, painting when she finds the time. Taking after her mother, Roopa has also recently developed a love for gardening. Furthermore, because of her passion for Linux and making a difference in the industry, she is living her dream job here at Cumulus.