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Sandesh Goel

Sandesh Goel

Principal Engineer

Sandesh is a Principal Engineer at Cumulus Networks. He was Cumulus’ first hire in India, initiating the expansion of Cumulus Linux into remote sites. With years of experience assembling remote teams for US enterprise, Sandesh was attracted to the idea of building a new charter in India and leading the architecture and design of the next generation of NetQ, Cumulus’ network visibility tool. The Cumulus vision – bringing open-source Linux to enterprise networks – resonates with his perceived direction of the industry, which drives his passion for developing new products. Furthermore, joining an organized, late-stage startup excites him, providing him with complex problems that are unique to a company going through rapid stages of growth.

Communication, positivity, and resilience are Sandesh’s greatest strengths as a manager. He sets his focus on identifying problems and applies his technical aptitude, working hands-on with his team to solve them. Because of his highly involved and collaborative nature, he considers himself more of a technical leader, rather than a manager. Similarly, Sandesh works with his team to create a positive work environment that motivates and provokes ambition and diligence to the resolve the most complicated issues. He is very forward-thinking and thorough; he approaches projects from multiple perspectives and he is constantly evaluating and adjusting goals based on changing circumstances. He expects his team to do the same. Successful reports working for Sandesh are fast-learners and team-players who can leave their egos at the door, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration.

Outside of work, Sandesh is a caretaker, spending most of his time with his family. When he finds the time, he loves hiking and exploring new environments and inspires his children to have this same passion, taking them on family trips to places like Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong. He is also involved in contributing to the area where he lives, standing on a public committee to improve the community and make education more accessible.