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Sandy Palicio

Sandy Palicio

VP of Human Resources

Sandy Palicio has been the Vice President of Human Resources at Cumulus Networks for three years. Previously leading HR at Juniper Networks, she sought to challenge herself in new ways; Cumulus was the perfect place to do that. Leveraging her talents in recruiting, leadership, and organizational effectiveness, Sandy was attracted to the impact she could make here, tackling complex issues, unique to a startup with an outstanding leadership team. Today, three years later, there’s still a glimmer of passion and excitement in her eye, knowing that the work she does greatly impacts a company that is redefining the future of networking.

As a manager here, Sandy leads with a light, but constant touch; checking in to ensure objectives are met, while encouraging individual initiative. If ever you need help or are unsure about a situation, be sure to ask questions (just make sure you’ve thought them out first). Managing expectations and honoring commitments and the ability to keep up with the fast pace of the workplace are the keys to being a successful employee working for Sandy.  She sets out her high-level expectations of her team clearly from day one. These include providing exceptional customer service to the organization, maintaining strict confidentiality, and consistently delivering on commitments. Furthermore, working in HR, an employee must have the empathy to discuss and work through sensitive issues – how people are treated matters a lot!   

In Sandy’s life outside of work, she enjoys cooking and listening to pop music and can be found hiking the trails of Quicksilver, mastering her chaturanga at hot yoga, or caring for her children. She has a passion and a deep, deep love for her children. In fact, if you ever need a distraction, or to change the topic quickly, just ask her to see pictures of her kids! Because of her genuine curiosity about people, if she wasn’t working in HR, she would be the host of “Fresh Air” interviewing fascinating people in the world to understand the minds and work of creators and geniuses alike.