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Steve Turner

Steve Turner

Sr. Director of Engineering

Steve Turner is the Senior Director of Engineering at Cumulus Networks. He has experience in a variety of engineering and product management disciplines, previously leading teams at Juniper Networks as it grew from a 200-employee startup to the multi-billion-dollar powerhouse it is today. He came to Cumulus because he was enticed by working with a small, tightly-knit group of innovators who are disrupting the networking industry. Within his role, Steve is stimulated by the blend of human interaction and technical challenges, casting team members into specialized roles, while simultaneously developing concrete execution plans for products.

Steve emphasizes distributing ownership to members of the team; focusing on accountability and authority, he delegates individual responsibilities and communicates to set specific goals. He encourages team-members to challenge themselves to meet aggressive goals and in his own words, “Don’t just shoot layups, don’t be afraid to shoot the threes.” Helping reports achieve these, Steve is highly collaborative, actively communicating and working hands-on with his team with the end in mind. Move fast and break things – this is the mentality Steve and his team live by, believing if you haven’t failed, you aren’t pushing hard enough. Reports working for him have exceptional technical ability, a strong sense of initiative, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Steve has a spontaneous nature when it comes to his life outside of work. One moment he could be expanding his lung capacity while scuba diving and the next moment be perfecting his home-brewed beer recipe. But if one thing is consistent in his life, it’s his commitment to his family.