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Vivek Venkatraman

Vivek Venkatraman

Director of Engineering - Routing

Vivek Venkatraman is a Director of Engineering at Cumulus Networks. At Cumulus he manages the Layer 3 networking team, which is responsible for the routing protocols and services like EVPN, L3VPN and Segment Routing. This team works on the Free Range Routing protocol suite and is one of the significant contributors to it. Vivek has been with Cumulus Networks for over four years. It was the company's vision on open networking and the opportunity to work with open-source software and contribute to the greater community that enticed him to join Cumulus and be excited every day about working here. He is driven by his deep interest in routing and is stimulated by the new challenges that emerge in a constantly evolving field.

Vivek is an inclusive and collaborative manager, who always keeps his team in the loop, consulting them on important decisions. Through the same lens, he fosters a team-centric environment based on respect and consensus. As Cumulus is a fast-paced startup, Vivek especially appreciates reports who are self-starters and agile and ready to embrace challenges that arise.

Outside of work, Vivek spends most of his time with his family, from cheering on his twin daughters at volleyball games to hiking and exploring the Bay Area.