Cumulus Networks Announces Support for Open19 Initiative

Cumulus Networks brings Cumulus Linux to Open19; reinforces leadership amidindustry move to disaggregation

Mountain View, Calif., March 22, 2017 -- Cumulus Networks, the leading provider bringing web-scale networking to enterprise cloud, today announced that it is supporting Open19, an initiative to develop a new standard for data center infrastructure. Open19 was created as an open platform with designs that are more modular and efficient to install, and components that are easier to source than other custom open data center solutions.

“There’s no question that more and more companies are seeking to replicate the web-scale IT principles,” said JR Rivers, CTO and Co-founder, Cumulus Networks. “Like us, they believe disaggregation is the future and open initiatives like Open19 are vital in making it easier for companies of all sizes to make the transition. We’re excited to bring our years of experience building Cumulus Linux, the most mature networking operating system, to the table to accelerate web-scale adoption.”

Disaggregation of the data center allows organizations to scale seamlessly as they grow. Statistics show customers are looking to disaggregated software solutions; Gartner’s recent data showed 30% growth in white-box switching shipments, driven by the flexibility and significant cost reductions network operators are achieving through software operating systems like Cumulus Linux.

The main goal of Open19 is to create community-driven standards and designs that are more customizable, flexible and economical to address use cases for data center operators of all sizes. The Open19 standard works in any EIA 19-inch rack, to allow many more suppliers to produce servers that will interoperate and will be interchangeable in any rack environment.

“We created Open19 to provide lower cost per rack, optimize power utilization, and create an open standard everyone can contribute and participate in,” said Yuval Bachar from Open19.

More than 500 organizations of all sizes – from small businesses to the largest web-scale data centers in the world – now use Cumulus Linux to build affordable, high-capacity networks.

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Cumulus Networks is leading the transformation of bringing web-scale networking to enterprise cloud. As the only systems solution that fully unlocks the vertical network stacks of the modern data center, Cumulus Linux's network switch allows you to affordably build and efficiently operate your network just like the world’s largest data centers. By allowing operators to use standard hardware components, Cumulus Networks offers unprecedented operational speed and agility, at the industry’s most competitive cost. Cumulus Networks has received venture funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Peter Wagner and four of the original VMware founders.

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