Media Advisory: Cumulus Networks Extends Leaf-Spine Architectures with Routing On The Host

Cumulus enhanced Quagga empowers modern data-center network design for customers including Campaign Monitor, SWITCH, and Shapeways, Inc.

Mountain View, CA, June 23, 2016 - Cumulus Networks®, provider of Cumulus® Linux®, the leading network operating system for open networking, announced today the immediate availability of the Routing on the Host solution powered by Cumulus enhanced Quagga packages that can be downloaded and deployed on Linux® hosts running Ubuntu and RHEL, as well as a ready-to-deploy Cumulus Quagga Docker container for any Linux distribution.

“The Cumulus Networks Routing on the Host solution is the next piece in the Open Networking puzzle. It has enabled Campaign Monitor to greatly improve the availability of critical services across our network. The biggest benefits are the addition of Quagga BGP unnumbered and the elimination of layer 2 technologies such as MLAG, FHRP and STP,” said Tynan Young, Sr. Network Engineer, Campaign Monitor.

Cumulus Quagga is an enhanced version of the popular Quagga routing protocol suite that powers connectivity on more than 1.5M switch ports worldwide. Improvements in the areas of Virtual Routing and Forwarding, OSPF, BGP, JSON output, and hitless configuration reload, when coupled with extensive testing and Cumulus Networks’ world class support team, make Cumulus Quagga a perfect routing protocol choice on switches as well as hosts.

“Modern data-center design for private and public clouds has been rapidly evolving from traditional L2 networks to L3 centric leaf-spine architecture with routing technologies gradually advancing from aggregation switches to Top of Rack. Routing on the Host is a natural extension of the adoption of industry standard Layer 3 protocols all the way onto the hosts and our customers are leading this transition to the new gold standard in modern data-center design,” said JR Rivers, co-founder and CTO, Cumulus Networks.

Cumulus Quagga is being used in wide scale production to propagate the location of Docker containers in PaaS environments, locate virtual network endpoints in OpenStack IaaS deployments, and advertise Linux services and Virtualized Network Functions such as firewalls and load balancers. The immediate benefits for hosts running Routing on the Host include IP mobility, improved bandwidth and redundancy, location independent services, and a standards based upgrade over layer 2 technologies like Spanning Tree and MLAG.

“Using Cumulus Networks enhanced Routing on the Host allowed us to eliminate MLAG and spanning tree in our environment, while still providing redundancy to the host. Cumulus Quagga’s OSPF unnumbered gave us network agility, making it a core functionality for us. Deploying Routing on the Host with Cumulus Quagga improved our overall system availability while allowing simpler operation and troubleshooting,” said

Saverio Proto, Cloud Operator and Simon Leinen, Cloud Architect, SWITCH

“When inspiration strikes, the Shapeways community expects our 3D printing service and marketplace to be operational and accessible. Deploying Routing on the Host with Cumulus Quagga enabled us to design a complete layer 3 data center using BGP unnumbered. Eliminating layer 2 bridging is important for network reliability and ensures our production environment is ready to span a hybrid cloud,” said Martín Beauchamp, Site Reliability Engineer, Shapeways, Inc.

Cumulus enhanced Quagga, available now, deployed with Cumulus Linux provides the ingredients to enable Better, Faster, Easier Networks for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

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