SURFsara sees work simplified after implementing Cumulus Linux

"The collaboration with Cumulus is phenomenal, non-intrusive and more of this time"

Amsterdam - SURFsara, a cooperative association of Dutch education and research institutions in the field of information and communication technology, transformed its vendor-based, vertically integrated solution to the open and disaggregated Cumulus Linux network. The decision to let go of the traditional network has been a perfect move for SURFsara. In this way there is more freedom, synergy with servers and the infrastructure can be used more broadly. “The flexibility of not being locked in with one specific hardware platform would not have been possible without Cumulus”, says Sander Boele, network expert at SURFsara.

Implementing Cumulus Linux has simplified work for SURFsara in many areas. There is now, among other things, disaggregation between hardware and software and automation becomes possible on a large scale, something that Linux is very suitable for. But also the EVPN implementation makes it easier for the organization to distribute bare-metal systems through the data center and there is more freedom of movement in many areas.

Progressive, modern and agile organization

Unlike a closed, traditional network, the innovative Cumulus Linux gives its users the freedom to choose the hardware, software and architecture themselves. This is much to the delight of Boele: “I believe in open source, the whole philosophy of making source code public and verifiable appeals to me. There is a shift going from management to development, so that you start looking at infrastructure in a completely different way.” He experiences Cumulus Networks as a progressive, modern and agile organization and a super innovative partner: “The collaboration is phenomenal! They are not intrusive and more of this time. Cumulus Linux is the most innovative open network operating system in the industry with the most versatile features.” All this has ensured that Cumulus Networks has been SURFsara's primary network supplier since 2015.

Ultimate textbook example

Robby van Roosmalen, Sales Lead Netherlands and Eastern Europe at Cumulus Networks, sees SURFsara as the ultimate textbook example for Cumulus. “The culture of SURFsara and their pursuit of infrastructure as a code are what we as an organization fit in perfectly with and are at the forefront of our programmability. What we pretend to do is embraced by companies such as SURFsara, who actually do it. "

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