Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

"We are seeing a high level of interest among large enterprises wanting to replicate the efficiency and agility of mega-scale data centers such as Google's. However, while ESG research shows that these enterprises are consolidating their data centers, building out multi-tenant environments and making them more cloud-like, the network still represents a barrier for most. Only a handful of organizations have the resources to write their own code for bare metal networking gear. Cumulus Networks is opening up the Google-style model to a much broader set of companies."

Brad Casemore, Research Director for Data Center Networks, IDC

"Pressure is mounting on data center networks to provide an agile and dynamic infrastructure that is more closely aligned with the needs of burgeoning application workloads and changing traffic patterns. With the introduction of its Cumulus Linux, Cumulus Networks will respond to those needs in conjunction with its partner ecosystem, placing an early emphasis on hyperscale and cloud data centers in continuous pursuit of IT agility and CapEx and OpEx efficiencies."

Ben Kepes, Principal and Analyst,

"For too long the networking world has been artificially constrained by proprietary solutions that tie specific hardware to deeply proprietary software. The launch of Cumulus Linux changes all that and could well be the point which heralds a blossoming of innovation in the networking world fueled by open hardware and open software. In the way that Linus Torvalds gave users alternatives to the proprietary hegemony, so too could a best-of-breed ecosystem in networking platforms break open this cozy world."