We’ve made it through the first month of the year, and the future of networking is looking bright — but is your data center ready for the brave new world? In this content roundup, we’re giving out the latest articles, videos and reports so you’re ready for 2018 and not left behind in twenty late-teen. There’s no time to waste! Get started on your data center upgrade today.

What’s new from Cumulus:

Cumulus Networks: What we do: Looking for an overview of who we are and what we’re working towards? We’ve got you covered. Watch this video for more information about our mission and our products, and share it with anyone else who wants to know what we’re all about.

Getting started with Linux: the basics – part 1: Everyone has to start their journey with Linux somewhere, so why not start here? This three part blog series about the basics of Linux networking teaches you everything you need. Check out part one to start learning the language of the data center.

Understanding Linux internetworking: Let’s say you’ve already got the hang of the basics of Linux. What’s the next step, and how can you take your knowledge of Linux even further? If you’re ready for a deeper dive, download this white paper and get started with Linux internetworking.

Report: The cost of stability: After gathering some interesting data from our surveys about web-scale networking, we compiled a white paper analyzing what these results mean for the future of your data center. How can sticking to the status quo affect your progress? Check out the report to find out.

Gartner’s open model: How does Cumulus stack up?: According to Gartner’s report, there are five essential questions that everyone should be asking their network provider to determine their openness. Read this blog post to see how Cumulus Networks upholds these standards.

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Good reads from the web:

Enterprise data center: a network renaissance: Enterprise storage networking has gradually improved in raw bandwidth but, otherwise, has remained more or less static for over a decade. That is about to change. Check out the rest of this article to find out how.

How DevOps principles are being applied to networking: Practices from the DevOps world are being adopted into managing networking services. Vendor hardware, configuration tools and deployment modes have eased programmable configuration and automation of network devices and functions. Read on for more information about these practices.

For many, hyperconverged is the next platform: There is a kind of dichotomy in the datacenter. The upstart hyperconverged storage makers will tell you that the server-storage half-bloods that they have created are inspired by the storage at Google or Facebook or Amazon Web Services, but this is not, strictly speaking, true. Find out more about how enterprises are adopting hyperconverged storage.