Welcome back to the Cumulus content roundup! This month we’re all about trying new networking solutions and practices. Whether it’s experimenting with EVPN or allowing automation to improve your network, we’re providing you with everything you need to help you start testing out the waters. We’ve got webinars, white papers and more to guide you, so get out your compass and start navigating the new world of networking!

What’s cooking at Cumulus?

The business benefits of Cumulus EVPN: Cumulus Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) is here to provide the solutions to your architectural complexities and make your data center even more efficient. Don’t believe us? Read this EVPN white paper to learn about the high-level business benefits your organization can leverage with Cumulus EVPN.

Networking in the container age: You definitely don’t want to miss this webinar! In this episode, you’ll learn about the popular container networking models and the pros and cons of each. Watch it now and find out how to best leverage orchestration tools such as Docker and Kubernetes.

5 Ways you can leverage the Linux community for your data center network: One of the greatest advantages of using a network operating system based in Linux is that the thriving Linux community always has your back. This blog post will show you how to make the most out of having more than 50,000 members to help you with your network.

SDN is dead! Long live SDN!: SDN entered the networking scene as a hot topic but a lot has changed since then. Take a look at this white paper and see how EVPN transformed SDN into the non-proprietary, controller-less solution it was meant to be.

Automation won’t cost you your job — it could save it: From reducing network down time to decreasing network engineers’ workloads, automation can do so much. However, some still have reservations about adopting these practices. Let this blog post put your mind at ease and show how these solutions can make you the office superstar.

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From the Web:

OpenStack gets support for virtual GPUs and new container features: OpenStack, the open-source infrastructure project that aims to give enterprises the equivalent of AWS for the private clouds, today announced the launch of its 17th release, dubbed “Queens.” Read on to learn more about their latest project.

Sprint’s open source strategy is an evolution: Sprint is gradually incorporating open source into its network. Check out the rest of the article to see how and why these changes are finally happening.

ONS 2018: Networking reimagined: For the past seven years, Open Networking Summit (ONS) has brought together the networking industry’s ecosystem of network operators, vendors, open source projects, leading researchers, and investors to discuss the latest SDN and NFV developments that will shape the future of the networking industry. Find out more in this blog post.