It’s the beginning of a brand new month, and you know what that means… it’s time for the Cumulus content roundup! This month, we can’t stop talking about leveraging Linux and disaggregation — and it looks like we’re not the only ones who have white-box fever (congrats on joining the movement, Cisco)! All the webinars, videos and white papers you could ask for are included in this roundup, so grab a comfy seat and check out everything that piques your interest.

The latest from Cumulus

The S.O.U.L revolution: The era of oppressive traditional networking ends today! It’s time to add some S.O.U.L to your data center network. What does S.O.U.L stand for? Watch this video to find out and get into the movement that’s revolutionizing the way we think about networking.

Web-scale networking for telco: Cumulus Networks commissioned Heavy Reading to conduct a survey of 70+ IT leaders in the Telco and CSP space to understand what is top of mind in terms of IT priorities. Download this white paper to see what we discovered about their top concerns.

Why Linux in the data center: a fireside chat: Linux isn’t always talked about in the most glowing of terms, but often the hesitation to use Linux can come from not understanding or experiencing the benefits of using it. Watch this webinar and discover the truth as we debunk the 7 “Ugly Lies of Linux.”

Networking with S.O.U.L ebook: Want to know more about how S.O.U.L can revolutionize your network? This handy, interactive ebook will give you an in-depth look at the networking movement and show you what you can leverage with Simple, Open, Untethered Linux.

Welcoming Cisco to disaggregation: Looks like Cisco’s joining the disaggregation club! In this blog, we discuss their announcement and put in our two cents about what this means for the future of open networking.

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The latest from the web

Plan ahead: Build a container network for scalability: IT organizations choose network and scheduling technology to support Docker containerization for scalable deployments, redeployments of failed components, shared microservices and enterprise-wide application integration — with particular focus on the critical areas of address and workflow management. Check out the rest of the article for more info.

Switches, Penguins and One Bad Cable: August 13, 2015. Outbrain’s ops on call is just getting out of his car, when his phone rings. It’s a PagerDuty alert. Some kind of latency issue in the Chicago datacenter. He acks it, figuring he’ll unload the groceries first and then get round to it. But then, his phone rings again. And again. Forget the groceries. Forget the barbecue. Production is on fire. Continue reading to see how they solved their problems by leveraging Linux.

Windows Server 2019 embraces hybrid cloud, hyperconverged data centers, Linux: Microsoft is set to make Windows Server 2019 generally available in the second half of the year, opening up access to its preview build through its Insiders program now and targeting data centers with new features to handle hybrid cloud setups and hyperconverged infrastructure. Read on to find out how they’re leveraging Linux.

OpenStack gets support for virtual GPUs and new container features: OpenStack, the open-source infrastructure project that aims to give enterprises the equivalent of AWS for the private clouds, today announced the launch of its 17th release, dubbed “Queens.” Learn more about the new project in this article.