Hope you brought your networking acronyms dictionary with you – this month’s Cumulus content roundup is going full tech-geek and we’re NOT ashamed! We’re brushing up on EVPN, ECMP, DWDM and TGIF (okay, not the last one. But did that make you LOL?) See a term that makes you go WTF? Don’t worry — we’ve got webinars, videos, blog posts and more to help you differentiate between BGP and OMG.

From Cumulus Networks:

EVPN content hub: Deploying EVPN enables you to enhance your layer 3 data center with benefits such as multitenancy, scalability, ARP suppression and more. Don’t know where to begin? Browse this EVPN resources page to learn more about how you can incorporate EVPN into your Cumulus network.

Celebrating ECMP in Linux — part one: Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) routes are a big component of all the super-trendy data center network designs that are en vogue right now. Read part one of this series about ECMP’s history, how it’s evolved and what Cumulus is doing to help.

Networking how-to video — What is Voyager?: Voyager is a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) platform Facebook brought to the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), bringing the first open packet optical platform to the industry. Check out the video to hear technical expert, Diane Patton, explain the technology in more detail.

Achieve actionable insight from the host to the switch: Cumulus NetQ reduces network operational headache by providing actionable insight into every trace and hop in the network. Watch this webinar to learn how you can simplify container management.

NetQ + Kubernetes: bringing container visibility with the leading container orchestrator: If you want to take a deeper dive into NetQ 1.3’s Kubernetes support, look no further. Read this blog post to learn how NetQ’s integration with Kubernetes works and what you can do with it.

Want more Cumulus content? Check out our learn center, resources page and solutions section for everything you need!

From the World Wide Web:

10 competitors Cisco just can’t kill off: Creating a short list of key Cisco competitors is no easy task as the company now competes in multiple markets. In this case we tried to pick companies that have been around awhile or firms that have developed key technologies that directly impacted the networking giant. Check out who made the list.

Cycle Pedals Bare Metal Container Orchestrator as Kubernetes Alternative: Cycle.io is tacking its newly developed, bare-metal focused container orchestration platform to Packet’s bare metal compute, network, and storage resources. The combination targets organizations that want all the benefits of containers without having to wade into the growing morass of Kubernetes. Read more.

Red Hat and Microsoft bring OpenShift to Azure: At Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, Red Hat and Microsoft announced they were bringing Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat’s Kubernetes container orchestration platform, to Microsoft’s Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud. Find out more about the announcement.