It’s becoming clear that web-scale networking is the future of networking, and companies need the technology in order to remain competitive against cloud giants like Amazon. So, how do organizations looking to move on from traditional networking start to get their feet wet and bring web-scale efficiencies like automation and scalability to their operations?

That’s where NetQ steps in to save the day. NetQ is a telemetry-based fabric validation system that enables organizations to deploy & operate data center networks with the speed and agility of web-scale giants. Where network configuration used to be slow, require manual intervention, and cause network downtime, NetQ automates configuration and ensures that your network is behaving as intended. It’s preventative, proactive, and diagnostic, and should be the next product you incorporate into your data center.

Here are the top five benefits of NetQ:

  1. Save money and reduce downtime: Having a traditional, non automated system means that whenever there’s far more room for manual error. This leads to increased downtime, which costs businesses a lot of money. In fact, hourly downtime can cost up to $1 million or even $5 million! NetQ, however, is a preventative system that validates network behavior on a per-pod basis using check, show and trace algorithms. Its preventative nature drastically reduces manual error, which leads to reduced downtime and saves you money. In addition to preventing errors, NetQ is also a proactive system that detects faulty network states and alerts the user to its exact location in real time. This greatly improves network agility, which, you guessed it, saves you money.
  2. Improve communication between cross-functional teams: When it comes to communication among different teams, it’s never in anyone’s best interest for there to be bottlenecks in the networks operations. Fortunately, NetQ’s visibility intervenes to let communication flow freely. Since NetQ enables you to see everything in a single view, you can easily delegate access to adjacent teams. This singular visibility means that everyone has equal access to information, whether they be engineers, cloud architects, network operators, or DevOps teams. In this respect, NetQ’s abilities bring everyone together and create more unified teams.
  3. Get visibility into your entire network from anywhere: NetQ is unique in that its fabric wide validation gives you visibility to the whole stack. Instead of going switch-by-switch, a process that can take hours, this fabric wide component lets you view all switches at once so you’re not wasting your valuable time. Plus, time travel technology is in your hands when you’re working with NetQ. NetQ has the ability to rewind time and diagnose the roots of your problems. You can now trace network paths, replay a specific state in the past, and review fabric-wide event changelogs in order to determine the root cause of state deviations.
  4. Automate smarter and troubleshoot faster: Automation makes things quicker and easier, but you also run the risk of automating an error and putting into production at scale. That’s where NetQ steps in to make sure automation runs as smoothly as intended. With NetQ, you validate code as you roll it out to give you information in real time. NetQ can also diagnose root-causes of state deviation and let you know exactly what is going on. Network blind spots are now a thing of the past. In fact, NetQ improves automation so much, our customers have increased the amount of switches per operator by 75%. Now that’s intelligent automation!
  5. Validate with one single command: How long does it take you to validate commands? Do your worries about your network functioning properly keep you up at night? If you’re ready to start getting a good night’s sleep, you should definitely check out the great features NetQ has to offer. In addition to automating smarter, you’re also automating faster with NetQ’s efficient fabric validation system. Forget the days of time-consuming troubleshooting and validating. This simplified process enables you to validate with just one command. Now, you can finally have peace of mind, knowing that your network is behaving as intended.

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