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Using ACLs for security vs compliance

Compliance exists in many forms, with tenancy, traffic isolation and access restriction. Compliance is mostly due to regulatory needs, which really comes down to security needs. Compliance applies to networking, [...]

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768K day: the importance of adaptable software in the growing Internet

The Internet is big. Moreover, the Internet is bigger now than when that first sentence was written, and keeps increasing in size. The growth of the Internet from its humble [...]

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Virtual Data Centers, SDN, and Multitenancy

When you aren’t the size of Netflix, you may not be guaranteed dedicated infrastructure within a data center; you have to share. Even in larger organizations, multitenancy may be required [...]

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Automate, orchestrate, survive: treating your network as a holistic entity

Organizations need to learn to think about networks as holistic entities. Networks are more than core routers or top-of-rack (ToR) switches. They’re composed of numerous connectivity options, all of which [...]

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Kernel of Truth season 3 episode 3: Linux networking with eBPF

Subscribe to Kernel of Truth on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Cast Box and Sticher! Click here for our previous episode. This podcast is all about Linux and to talk about it, we have [...]

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