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Kernel of Truth season 2 episode 1: EVPN on the host

Subscribe to Kernel of Truth on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Cast Box and Sticher! Click here for our previous episode. Guess who's back? Back again? The real Kernel of Truth podcast is back with [...]

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Cumulus content roundup: January

The new year is now in full swing and we're excited about all the great content we've shared with you so far! In case you missed some of it, here's [...]

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How to make CI/CD with containers viable in production

Continuing Integration and Continuing Development (CI/CD), and containers are both at the heart of modern software development. CI/CD developers regularly break up applications into microservices, each running in their own [...]

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Cumulus + Nutanix = Building and Simplifying Open, Modern Data Centers at Scale

We are excited to announce that Cumulus and Nutanix are partnering to build and operate modern data centers with open networking software. We’ve worked closely with Nutanix, a leader in [...]

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Moving a Prototype Network to Production

Network Engineers create and operate prototype networks all the time. Prototype networks are used to validate designs, test features or changes, troubleshoot use-case scenarios, and often just for learning. Typically, [...]

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