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Tenancy and the importance of defining it.

One of the common starting points during the IT architecture process is trying to define and identify tenancy. Part of the problem is that the term “tenant” has various definitions [...]

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Announcing project DENT

We are excited to announce that Cumulus is joining project DENT! Project DENT is a huge step for the industry, taking both open networking and Linux networking forward. DENT will [...]

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Network inventory: what do you have, and should it be there?

How do you defend what you don’t know exists? In IT, this is more than just an existential question, or fuel for a philosophical debate. The existence of a complete [...]

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Cumulus content roundup: November 2019

There's a lot to be thankful for this month- and not just for open networking in general. Why? Well we've officially headed into the holidays at full steam with the [...]

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Prevent lateral compromise with microsegmentation

It’s an unfortunate reality of information security: Eventually, everyone gets compromised. Manufacturers, banks, tech support companies, retail giants, power plants, municipal governments … these are just some of the sectors [...]

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