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OpenStack and CITC – Creating and learning about OpenStack networking

Part 1 - Examining the existing network In my previous post, I was playing around with Cumulus in the Cloud (CITC) and how it was integrated with OpenStack. Now that [...]

By | 11.21.2017|Technology|2 Comments

5 ways to design your container network

There’s been a lot of talk about container networking in the industry lately (heck, we can’t even stop talking about it). And it’s for a good reason. Containers offer a [...]

By | 11.18.2017|Technology|2 Comments

How to gauge your network’s openness

So, you’ve done your research, learned about the many benefits of open networking, and decided you’re interested in building an open network. Congratulations, and welcome to the future of networking! [...]

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NetDevOpEd: The power of network verification

Microsoft just published information on their internal tool called “CrystalNet” which Microsoft defines as “a high-fidelity, cloud-scale network emulator in daily use at Microsoft. We built CrystalNet to help our [...]

By | 11.13.2017|Industry & Market Trends|1 Comment

Cumulus Linux + Voyager — Bringing cost-effective scalability to internet infrastructure

We’re thrilled to announce that Facebook has partnered with Cumulus Networks to bring you the industry’s first open optical routing platform loaded with Cumulus Linux. That’s right, Cumulus Networks is [...]

By | 11.08.2017|Ecosystem, Technology|1 Comment