Who’s ready for another Cumulus content roundup? This month we kept busy with step-by-step guides, tips and tricks, and even kicked off a new series, Tales from the field! Grab a seat and settle in to learn more about everything from EVPN to ZTP, and how they benefit you. Happy reading!

From Cumulus Networks:

We stand with open source: We’ve come a long way from where we began as a company. Find out why we’re passionate about open source networking, what we’ve brought to the table in the last couple of years, and our goals for the future.

5 tips for transitioning to 100G networking: Are you ready to increase your networking speed and pack more computing into the same space? You’re going to want to read these 5 tips on making the transition to 100G networking as smooth as possible.

EVPN behind the curtains: Confused about EVPN? Read this blog post for a step-by-step understanding of EVPN and what it means to you.

Tales from the field: Best practices for initial provisioning (Part 1): Let’s dive into ZTP! Read part one of “Tales from the field,” a series, and find out how to use automation tools to help maximize efficiency in provisioning.

How Vault created a secure OpenStack cloud to enable innovation in government: Read how Vault, an Australian cloud infrastructure provider, created a secure OpenStack cloud to enable innovation in government.

News from the web:

Kubernetes: Not only microservices, but also high performance workloads: An article from JaxEnter with Klaus Ma, one of the leaders for Kubernetes’ SIG-Scheduling. Hear how Kubernetes has become the dominant container orchestrator and what Ma’s favorite K8 feature is, and what the future holds.

Hybrid infrastructure gets composable: This EnterpriseTech article discusses why there’s a growing demand for distributed applications delivered by micro and other agile services that are fueling the shift to composable and disaggregated infrastructure.