Welcome back to the Cumulus content roundup! This month, we think it’s time to get our hands dirty and play around with the latest technology. From video tutorials to how-to blogs to thought-provoking articles, this issue brings together all the resources you need to start experimenting with new configurations, networking practices and more. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get off of the couch (or stay on the couch, if that’s where you work) and start upgrading that datacenter!

What’s new from Cumulus:

Web-scale networking how-to videos: This month, we launched a series of how-to videos to show you the ropes of web-scale networking. What’s the difference between configuring an IP address with Cisco or Cumulus Linux? How do I automate my datacenter? Watch our tutorials to answer these questions!

Cumulus Express — proof that our customers’ success is our success: Announcing Cumulus Express has done great things for Cumulus Networks, but the greatest asset we have is listening to our customers. Read on to see how paying attention to what people want returns the best rewards.

Contain yourself! Best practices for container networking: This webinar covers everything that you need to know about container architecture, the challenges they can pose, and how Cumulus and Mesos work together to overcome those challenges. Plus, it features special guest Edward Hsu, VP of Product Marketing at Mesosphere! Watch it here to learn more.

Automating network troubleshooting with NetQ + Ansible: When it comes to troubleshooting, automation is the way to go. And when you have great technology like NetQ and Ansible working together, automating your datacenter is a no-brainer. Read this blog post to learn how it’s done.

A networking expert on how to experiment with containers using Mesosphere and Cumulus Linux: When you combine Cumulus in the Cloud and Mesosphere, you get the perfect environment to test and play around with containers. This blog post has one of our Sr. Consulting Engineers take you through the steps so you can test out the tech for yourself. Check it out here.

Feeling inspired to learn more about what Cumulus can do for you? Take a look at our learn center, resources page, and solutions section and get your web-scale revolution going!

News from the Web

Top five cloud computing trends of 2017: Cloud computing has played a major role in reshaping how companies conduct business. Several organizations are in the process of migrating to the cloud to achieve scalability, cost-efficiency and enhanced application performance. Read this article to find out what these top trends are.

Linux Foundation to hold global Open Source Networking events, looks to foster local provider, vendor collaboration: As an effort to drive service provider and vendor collaboration around open networking, the Linux Foundation has launched its Open Source Networking Days (OSN) series of events. Learn more about the events here.

Time for DevOps to give some love to networking: The enterprise is starting to come to grips with one of the main problems with DevOps: most of the technologies released so far are bringing more agility to the development side of the model than the operational side. Find out how NetDevOps solves this problem.