Saddle-up and get ready to ride — the Cumulus content roundup is back to take you on a journey through the best in industry news! It’s been a great month for innovation and forward-thinking, here at Cumulus Networks and beyond. From clouds to chassis to microservices, we’ve got the latest in data center networking trends covered. Check out what’s going on, and let us know what you think!

The best from Cumulus:

Private vs. public cloud white paper: Trying to decide which cloud is best for your organization? This white paper weighs the costs and benefits of private, public, and hybrid clouds for you. Read more so you can pick the perfect cloud.

Cumulus Networks inducted into JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation: We are humbled and honored to announce that Cumulus Networks has been inducted into the JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation. Read this blog to see what it takes to be an innovator.

Technical video and demo: NetQ: This video is perfect for anyone searching for a technical breakdown and demonstration of NetQ’s immense capabilities. Watch here, and see the awesome power of NetQ for yourself.

Choosing your chassis: This blog post provides an up-close and personal look at what is so great about the Facebook Backpack and the Edge-Core OMP800. Check it out and choose the chassis that matches your needs.

NetDevOps: what does it even mean?: There’s a lot of debate about the definition of NetDevOps. Fortunately, this blog post breaks down the important components of NetDevOps and how it relates to DevOps to end the confusion. Read on to find out what NetDevOps really means.

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The best of the web:

Microservices are about organisational change: Microservices technology can pave the way for companies to decentralise the way they build software to deliver innovation and reduce the cost of failure. Read this article and see how microservices are changing the way organizations do things.

Two new open-source security projects are joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation: Members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation have voted to absorb Notary and TUF into the group. Find out more about the announcement here.

Cloud-based environment: the new normal for IT shops: The sky is the limit as new cloud management tools and evolutions in storage help make hybrid and multicloud IT a viable option for organizations with on-prem data centers. Learn more about the advantages of hybrid clouds here.