April has come and gone but you know what hasn’t? New content and useful resources from us! If you missed out on it earlier, catch up with this month’s edition of the Cumulus Content Roundup. We’ve got all the details on recent announcements like our NetQ 3.0 product launch, new podcast episodes for you listen, and so much more.

From Cumulus Networks
Modernizing your network has never been easier with Cumulus NetQ Lifecycle Management: To help network operations, we’ve added new lifecycle management capabilities to Cumulus NetQ 3.0, offering a simple GUI-driven workflow for provisioning, operating, maintaining & retiring network switches running Cumulus Linux. Scott Ciccone explains more about the recent product release in his blog here.

Linux Network Observability: Building Blocks: As Linux reigns the “Open-Distributed-Virtualized-Software-Driven-Cloud-Era”— understanding what is available within Linux in terms of observability is essential to our jobs & careers. Linux expert Roopa Prabhu shares what you need to know in this blog.

Kernel of Truth season 3 episode 5: Routing protocols in the datacenter fabric: Special guest Russ White joins the Kernel of Truth podcast to discuss what we should think about when it comes to routing protocols in the datcenter. What are the tradeoffs when using traditional protocols like OSPF or BGP? What about new protocols like RIFT or a hybrid approach with things like BGP-link state? Spoiler alert: it depends.

As networks grow, web-scale automation is the only way to keep up: With networks growing to accommodate things like the rise of smartphones and tablets, cloud and edge computing — web-scale automation can help your organization manage it all. Learn why and how you can implement it in this blog.

Kernel of Truth season 3 episode 4: Production ready automation: The group chats about production grade automation and CI/CD workflows for continuous maintenance and deployment of your “infrastructure as code” in this Kernel of Truth podcast episode.

Capex vs Opex – Hidden complexity by making an unmanageable network: It is Capex vs Opex— which one will come out on top? Rama Darbha explores the hidden complexities faced by making an unmanageable networks in his blog here.

Load balancer with BGP and UCMP: Do you really need a dedicated load balancer? In this blog Atul Patel, Engineer Lead Automation, offers application load balancing solutions using standards based switches, avoiding additional components.

From the Web

Cumulus Streamlines Deployments, Maintenance in Latest Release: Cumulus Networks today continued its mission to eliminate network complexity with the release of the third iteration of its NetQ telemetry and validation platform. Read this article by sdxCentral to catch up on the latest news.

Cumulus Networks adds lifecycle management capabilities to NetQ 3.0: Cumulus says that the synergies between its core visibility functions and the newly added lifecycle management capabilities will make life much easier for customers, especially ones with more limited IT staffs. Read the latest article from ChannelBuzz.ca.

Cumulus Networks Releases NetQ 3.0 with Life Cycle Management: Cumulus NetQ 3.0 further simplifies network operation and deployment. Channel Futures talks about the latest product release in their article here.

Network Automation: 5 Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Doubts: For our Netherland readers, read Robby van Roosmalen’s latest blog with 5 tips and tricks for network automation via Focus on IT.