June seems like a lifetime ago but there was so much content we wanted to make sure was on your radar. We know you may be thinking but wait, didn’t something big happen to Cumulus Networks in June? You would be right! We’re excited to share that we are now officially NVIDIA®.  Along with the news, we kept very busy with fresh podcast episodes, informative blog posts and much more so take a minute to dive on in and catch up on it all here.

From Cumulus Networks, now NVIDIA

Cumulus Networks’ President and Chief Product Officer, Partho Mishra, on the NVIDIA-Cumulus acquisition.: Partho Mishra answers your questions regarding the strategic focus of the new networking business unit at NVIDIA & the future of open networking.

Open source — the great equalizer.: Technology is a great equalizer and the open source movement has played a huge role in making this true and accelerating the process.

Remote work makes network visibility more critical than ever: We’re living through a major shift in the way employees work, extending the boundaries of what was once a tightly controlled environment.

Kernel of Truth season 3 episode 8: Cumulus Linux in action at Cloudscale: Listen to hear Cloudscale’s first hand experience with open networking and what they hope the near and distant future of open networking will look like.

Modular networking in a volatile business environment: Coping with 2020’s ongoing gift of unpredictability requires networking agility, something we can help you with.

From the Web

Programming the Modern Data Center: Cumulus Joins NVIDIA’s Networking Group: It is official, Cumulus Networks joins NVIDIA’s Networking Group— open software, hardware combination will be key to accelerating flexible data centers powered by GPUs, DPUs. Amit Katz, Vice President Ethernet Switch, shares more here.

16 Questions for Selling in COVID-19: Kaushik Shirhatti, VP Sales here at NVIDIA (formerly VP Sales as Cumulus Networks, acquired by NVIDIA) and others answer 16 questions for selling in COVID-19 in this recent blog by Andreessen Horowitz.