Spring has sprung! With the change of the seasons, we’ve kept busy pumping out new content and useful resources. If you’re looking for a quick mental vacation, get ready to cozy up with this month’s edition of the Cumulus Content Roundup. We’ve got exciting announcements, fresh podcast episodes for your listening enjoyment, as well as blog posts packed with open networking and data center goodness.

From Cumulus Networks
Cumulus Networks launches the industry’s first open source and fully packaged automation solution — making open networking easier to deploy and manage and enabling infrastructure-as-code models: Cumulus Networks announces the release of its production-ready automation solution for organizations moving towards fully automated networks! Read all about how we are taking the next step in network automation in this blog post.

Production-ready automation — the how and why: So we’ve announced the industry’s first open source and fully packaged automation solution– but how exactly did we get there? This blog post dives into the challenges that customers were facing and the reason we wanted to help.

A new era for Cumulus in the Cloud: Can you believe that Cumulus in the Cloud was launched over two years ago? Yeah, we’re also wondering where the time went. With changing times, comes changing products– that’s why we’re giving CitC a new user experience as well as interface. Read more about it in this blog post.

Kernel of Truth season 3 episode 3: Linux networking with eBPF: Are you thinking WTF is eBPF? Well, this is the podcast for you. We’ve brought on two of the top Linux experts, Roopa Prabhu and David Ahern, to discuss the hottest Linux kernel technology that’s bringing programmability and acceleration to many Linux subsystems.

Automate, orchestrate, survive: treating your network as a holistic entity: Automation is a necessity to do IT operations at scale. But where exactly is that tipping point of when it does become a must? Read this blog post by Katherine Gorham as she answers these questions as well as offering holistic solutions for managing your network.

Virtual Data Centers, SDN, and Multitenancy: Let’s talk about multitenancy. This blog will break it down by defining multitenancy, what roles it plays in the network, as well as how it ties into automation. Settle in and get ready to learn about all things multitenancy.

768K day: the importance of adaptable software in the growing Internet: Move over 512k day, it’s time for 768k day. Read this blog to find out why organizations need a fast, up to date open source solution to connect with the rapidly growing up to date open source Internet. Is your organization ready?

From the Web

Cumulus Rolls Out Open Source Network Automation Toolkit: We’ve created an open source toolkit just for you. Read this article by sdxCentral to read more about the benefits, the challenges we faced along the way, and where to find it.

Network Break 274: Let’s Encrypt Revokes Millions Of Certificates; Microsoft Pitches SMB Over QUIC: Network Break 274 by Packet Pushers is back with another great podcast episode. In this episode, tune in to hear more about Cumulus Networks’ exciting announcement of our Ansible-based configuration and deployment tool.

BIOS IT to showcase open networking expertise at Connected Cloud and DC Edge: BIOS IT with Cumulus Networks and Mellanox had a great showcase at the Connected Cloud and DC Edge Conference in Australia in early March. Read this article by BIOS IT to find out more about our exhibit that aimed to exemplify the endless benefits of open networking.

Amazon is looking to bring Target and Walmart into an open source technology group: Check out this interesting article by Business Insider where it discusses the possibility of Dent bringing Target and Walmart on board, and how Cumulus Networks is involved.