Did you feel like you missed any of our great blogs or podcasts this month? We had a lot of great ones to choose from in our March content roundup and on top of that, we had a lot of great industry articles and videos we shared that you can easily access below too! Spend a minute or two, or maybe even sixty to digest it all and increase your overall knowledge. Happy trails!

From Cumulus Networks:

Cumulus Networks is excited to announce being the first to power Facebook’s next generation, open modular platform, Minipack: With this news being announced at the recent OCP Summit 2019, we provided this helpful blog with links to everything you need to know about the announcement including data sheets etc.

The multicloud we need, but not the one we deserve: How can you take advantage of multi-cloud deployments without completely ditching your VMware environments? We clue you in on how to have the best of both those worlds here.

Buzzword bingo: NetDevOps edition: Automation by any other name…You might think NetDevOps is just another buzzword but what lies beneath the buzzwords? And do you need to care? Take a closer look here.

Kernel of Truth season 2 episode 4: Integrated network telemetry: Telemetry, is it cool or not? Host Brian tries to wrangle in JR Rivers and Scott Raynovich to find out in our latest episode. Listen to see if he succeeds.

The Importance of sFlow and NetFlow in Data Center Networks: Zooming out and looking at the big picture, we take a look at the importance of sFlow and the similar technology, “NetFlow,” in large – and getting larger – data centers in our latest blog. Curious? Read here.

News from the web:

How to Make Being CEO a Little Less Lonely: There’s no complaining to your peers about the boss over lunch when you are the boss. Cumulus Networks CEO Josh Cumulus shares advice on being a CEO and how his dog Peggy (pictured in the article) helps him out too! You can also find his article on Business Insider here.

It’s time to stop using VPN for cloud orchestration: Guess what? It’s time to stop using VPN for cloud orchestration. JR Rivers, co-founder & CTO of Cumulus Networks, discusses the benefits of structured API layers and secure API calls and why this ends up being more secure via JAXenter.com

Using Open Networking to Overcome Roadblocks to the Cloud – Cumulus Networks Briefing Note: Organizations are finding that legacy network solutions create a significant roadblock to a private and hybrid cloud future. Read more from George Crump’s blog via Storage Switzerland here.

Mellanox + Nvidia: Mellanox talks about the key technologies that led to Nvidia’s $6.9 billion acquisition, including the embrace of open networking platforms like Cumulus Networks via Forbes here.

Open Networking white box in the Enterprise: Did you miss Nanog75? You can check out all the great sessions on their YouTube channel including one of our favorites here.