May means more content! There was a very exciting announcement from us this month, and if you missed it don’t worry, you can read all about it below. In addition, we were keeping very busy with fresh podcast episodes, informative blog posts and much more. Ready to dive into all things open networking? Get comfortable and let’s dive in.

From Cumulus Networks

UCMP: Augmenting L3 only designs: So what makes a purely L3 design so aspirational? Can a UCMP increase efficiency? Read this blog post by Rama Dharba as he addresses these questions and more. He delves into the challenges surrounding this type of design, possible solutions and a recent augmentation in Cumulus Linux 4.1 that increases the design’s ability for flexibility.

Kernel of Truth season 3 episode 6: Building modern campus networks: Let’s talk about all things modern campus networks. In this new Kernel of Truth episode, Brain O’Sullivan, Roopa Prabhu, Eric Pulvino and David Marshall dive into trends, technologies, architecture and much more. Grab your headphones and get ready to hear first-hand experiences from building these networks as well as tips and tricks learned along the way.

Build an OpenStack/ Ceph cluster with Cumulus Networks in GNS3: part 1: In this new blog post, James Freeman poses the questions of, “How would you build OpenStack in a real production environment?” Well, enter GNS3. Read this blog to find out what exactly Freeman’s thought process was during the build, goals, as well as limitations he faced.

Build an OpenStack/ Ceph cluster with Cumulus Networks in GNS3: part 2: Ready to simulate your real network infrastructure in a contained and virtual environment? Well, now that you have part 1 of this series under your belt, it’s time to take the next step. In part 2, we’ll dive into adding virtual machine images to GNS3, building virtual infrastructure on the canvas and much more. Settle in and get to learning!

Riding a cloud: NVIDIA acquires network-software trailblazer Cumulus: Drum roll please… We’ve been acquired! May brought a very exciting change to the company as NVIDIA formally announced plans to acquire Cumulus Networks, together bringing opportunity for the new era of networking. Read all about the courtship, plans, and what to expect in this article from NVIDIA.

From the Web

NVIDIA’s aggressive purchases could signal the era of open networking: Is the future of Open Networking finally here? Read this piece from Network World as they discuss the recent acquisition of Cumulus Networks by NVIDIA and what that may signal for the open networking industry as a whole.

NVIDIA acquires Cumulus Networks: Why does this new acquisition announcement mean innovation and optimization across networking stacks? Read this informative article by Tech Crunch to read how NVIDIA’s recent acquisitions will give the company the ability to build out high-performance computing in their data centers.

Network Break 282: NVIDIA completes Mellanox acquisition; SpaceX sets date for satellite internet beta testing: Looking for another great tech podcast to add into your rotation? Tune into this show hosted by Packet Pushers to hear about Cumulus’ 3.0 NetQ management software release and more. Happy listening!

NVIDIA acquires Cumulus to accelerate Open Networking: Read this article by eWeek to find out what makes Cumulus Networks an Open Networking Pioneer and why together, NVIDIA and Cumulus Networks will provide innovative experiences and solutions.