May is well in the books and summer seems to be in full swing with recent heatwaves across the country. Since we know life can get pretty busy and you may have missed some of May’s great content, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite podcasts, blog posts, and articles for you here. So settle in, hopefully, stay cool, and get ready for all things open networking!

From Cumulus Networks:

Minipack Highlight Video from OCP Summit: Listen to Brian O’Sullivan & Michael Lane, VP of Business Development at Edgecore Networks discuss the recently launched Minipack, open, modular switch.

Kernel of Truth season 2 episode 7: Certifications: Listen as we discuss the value of certifications, if any, what works for certifications and what doesn’t, who should be taking certifications and more!

Installing Cumulus packages on air-gapped equipment: Check out this excerpt to help you get additional packages into an air-gapped environment for the install where you don’t have a repo or mirror available to pull from.

ngrok on Cumulus Linux: If you have a good idea of what ngrok is and what it does, here are step-by-step instructions for turning up ngrok ssh services on Cumulus Linux.

The future of HCI: We sit down with Naveen Chhabra’s, a senior industry analyst at Forrester, to discuss and hear his opinion on the future of HCI.

Kernel of Truth season 2 episode 8: Network of pods: Kernel of Truth host Brian O’Sullivan and “resident jam band man” JR Rivers have a great conversation about what pod architecture is and how is it relevant to you so be sure to queue it up and listen!

News from the web:

Cumulus Networks: The in-kernel webscale-ready network catalyst: Read how Cumulus Networks offers an open source Linux package that natively includes advanced L2/L3 networking features here by author Jason English via Intellyx.

Infrastructure as Code: Free Your Intellect: When it comes to “Infrastructure as Code,” author Michael Stump advocates for you to free your intellect. Read why here via Gestalt IT.

The status of white box networking in the enterprise: Author Lee Doyle from TechTarget lays out the five questions you should ask yourself to determine when white box implementation is a smart move.