And with that, September has come and gone. Did you miss some of the great content we published? In true Cumulus Networks fashion, we’ve made it easy for you to catch up on all the blog posts and articles we had to offer below so take a moment to settle in and then dive into all things open networking!

From Cumulus Networks:

How open standards help with defense in depth:Networking is a vital part of security, and of defense in depth in particular. So how would open standards help this approach to InfoSec? Read this blog to learn.

EVPN-PIM: BUM optimization using PIM-SM: Does “PIM” make you break out into hives? You’re not alone. In part one of a two part blog series we talk about using PIM-SM to optimize BUM flooding in a L2-VNI with single VTEPs.

EVPN-PIM: Anycast VTEPs: In part one we learned about EVPN-PIM. This second part of the two-part blog series we throw MLAG into the mix and break down the additional procedures needed for it.


News from the web:

The future of networks: switching to 100G: Pete Lumbis shares five tips on changing to 100G networking in the latest article on Tech Radar here.

Top emerging trends in cloud-native infrastructure: Gartner provides advice on the impacts of eight emerging trends for EA and technology innovation leaders and guidance on responding to them. Download & read the full report via the link here.

5 network cost optimization opportunities to evaluate now: What are the key challenges and suggested guidance on how to rethink the network? Download & read the latest research by #Gartner here to learn the answer