Athena Health came to Cumulus Networks looking for a way to bring greater efficiency to their network at an affordable cost. After partnering with our services team, they realized that being a Cumulus Networks customer meant they were getting a lot more than reduced costs.

Athena Health provides a unique all-in-one solution that includes network-enabled electronic health record (EHR), practice management, care coordination, patient engagement, and population health services. Essentially, they help ensure that doctors can focus on their patients rather than administrative work.

If a doctor cannot access a patient’s information due to an issue with Athena’s network, the result could literally be fatal. In the past, the team had leaned on more-traditional technology and skillsets, but scalability was getting too costly. When Athena began exploring their options, they were looking to expand their data center in a cost-effective way. But once they found Cumulus Networks, they realized they didn’t have to sacrifice powerful technology for cost.

After speaking with Athena Health, we knew exactly how we could help. Our experienced services team worked directly with the engineers at Athena to provide hands-on, customized implementation advice in the form of Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) scripts which allow their data center technicians to quickly get a new switch on the network with enough configuration to contact their Puppet master for full configuration.

We also worked with Athena to understand their network requirements and built customized Puppet manifests, which covered the configuration of interfaces and various network services across multiple data centers. Controlling the configuration of an entire data center network infrastructure has been reduced to making small changes to a text file as needed.

By deploying a network with Cumulus Linux, and adding integrations with Puppet, GitHub and Slack, Athena Health was able to reduce time to rack a switch from 45 minutes to 3 minutes, and improve overall operational efficiency from 18 hours to a mere 30 minutes.

We’re proud to report that Athena Health was thrilled with the results, and even helped us put together this short Cumulus Networks customer video. Take a look to hear how Cumulus Networks helped Athena Health.

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