You may have overheard someone talking about EVPN multihoming but do you know what it is? If you have, are you up to speed on the latest around it? I walk you through it all, beginning to end, in this three part video series. Watch all three below.

Chapter 1:

EVPN multihoming provides support for all-active server redundancy. In this intro to EVPN multihoming you will hear an overview of the feature and how it compares with EVPN-MLAG.

Chapter 2:

In this episode we dive into the various unicast packet flows in a network with EVPN multihoming. This includes, new data plane constructs such as MAC-ECMP and layer-2 nexthop-groups that have been introduced for the express purpose of EVPN-MH.

Chapter 3:

PIM-SM is used for optimizing flooded traffic in network with EVPN-MH. In this episode we walk through the implementation aspects of flooded traffic, including DF election and Split horizon filtering.

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