Several weeks ago, we let out some big news about Backpack, Facebook’s chassis, running Cumulus Linux. If you missed the news, check it out here.

As part of our launch, we attended Facebook’s exclusive event, Disaggregate, to talk about all things open networking. Our CTO and cofounder, JR Rivers, gave a stellar presentation covering a short history of open networking (“I watched the Googles of the world grow up”), how ONIE was born and why Cumulus Linux was created to help an industry evolve, scale and build better networks. You can watch the full presentation here.

We also manned our station at the event, answering questions about our integration with Backpack and even demoing Cumulus Linux on the product. Some of our takeaways from the event included:

  • There was a nice mix of customers. From hyper-scale to SaaS, traditional organizations to state and local governments — all types of organizations were represented. Some were there to learn about the benefits of open networking while others were looking for ways to scale their footprint.
  • Most discussions with customers were about their ability to build and/or use their custom applications that traditional lock-in vendors don’t support, which gave them freedom and choice. Others were interested in how Backpack can help them scale while reducing complexity.
  • A number of vendors had representation including Barefoot Networks and Apstra.

The launch and event meant a lot to us. Our support of Backpack signifies a new era of open networking where we can bring complete freedom of choice and technology to the data center network, allowing for organizations of all sizes to access the benefits of web-scale networking.

To talk more about the integration with Backpack, our thoughts on the chassis and how this helps businesses move to web-scale networking, we’re hosting a webinar featuring our very own JR Rivers. If you want to hear about open networking with Cumulus Linux and Backpack straight from the source, you don’t want to miss this.

facebook chassis at disaggregate



Pack your backpack: Chassis is in session
This live webinar has already aired! Watch the recording.

Originally recorded: February 16, 2016
10am PST
Featuring JR Rivers