“Your data center is so cool!”  

That’s the common reaction to web-IT data center networks architected for data-intensive workloads and unprecedented agility. Clos designs optimized for east-west traffic flows and standard layer 3 protocols with ECMP have replaced brittle 3-tier Cisco-style layer 2 networks.  DevOps with a true Linux network operating system (AKA “NetDevOps”) enables secure, reliable configuration management and automated lifecycle management while converging on a common set of tools and processes across compute, storage, and networking. What’s really cool is the high speed interconnects in fat tree network designs.

10G and 40G leaf/spine networks were the standards last year. This year, 25G connected hosts and 100G spines are emerging as the desired interconnect, aligned with the latest Xeon-based servers with Broadwell cores. With the 25/50/100G inflection, many new merchant silicon entrants have hit the market, and Cisco announced proprietary ASICs for the Nexus 9200/9300 with availability at the end of the year. But, why wait?  25/50/100G Spectrum-based switches from Mellanox with Cumulus Linux are available now.

The joint Mellanox Spectrum and Cumulus Linux solution enables an open platform, unlocked performance, and unleashed innovation. Cumulus Linux is based on an open framework enabling customers of all scales to build and operate web-IT networks. Mellanox Spectrum delivers highly predictable application performance with a low latency and zero packet loss fabric. Together, Mellanox and Cumulus Networks provide better, faster, and easier networks to support the new generation of cloud workloads with NetDevOps practices to achieve web-IT efficiencies.

As an example, Cloudalize, a leader in GPU Desktop as a Service, selected the Mellanox Spectrum and Cumulus Linux solution “to automate network orchestration and monitoring activities with predictable performance without having to worry about packet loss,” said Benny Willen, CEO Cloudalize.

So, why wait?

Take advantage of the advanced 25/50/100G Mellanox Spectrum switches now to engineer a high performance, modern network architecture that costs less than Cisco’s Nexus 3100 series 10G and 40G switches. SMBs, enterprises, and service providers are significantly reducing TCO with an open platform at all levels: silicon, switches, network operating system, and all the necessary operations tools. The immediate cost savings comes with Mellanox Spectrum switches and open optics and cables. The average price for the Mellanox Spectrum SN 2700 (32 x 100G) and SN 2410 (48 x 25G with 8 x 100G) are $18,500 and $13,800, respectively. Of course, Cisco is up to its old antics with high list prices and playing the discounting game. Exciting times!

Want to transform your data center to a web-IT model? Come see us at the OCP Summit, March 9th and 10th, at the San Jose Convention Center, booth #E20, or stop by the Mellanox booth #B4 or contact us.