Here at Cumulus Networks, we cannot help but tout our innovative technology, user-friendly features and seamless integrations. Can you blame us for being excited about what we do? But at the end of the day, we know that your business decisions come down to the bottom line. How much will web-scale networking cost my business? What’s the total cost of ownership?

Going web-scale with Cumulus Networks can save your business money on both the cost of Capex and Opex. We created this easy-to-use TCO calculator so you could see your potential cost based on your data center requirements.


Web-scale networking cost calculator

Adjust your estimated cost by choosing your rack requirements with the slider


Our total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) calculator was designed using actual customer data. We found that our customers were saving substantially on things like:

  • The cost of acquiring open switches and optics
  • The ability to leverage existing talent and tools
  • OS required for Layer 3 networking
  • OS support and integration
  • The cost of scalability

One of the biggest contributors to lowering costs with Cumulus Networks is that web-scale architecture with open networking offers choice and flexibility. You can use any brand of ONIE compatible switches and optics. In fact, Cumulus Linux is the only native Linux Network Operating System (NOS) that supports over 50 switch hardware platforms based on eight chipsets from two silicon vendors.

We created the TCO calculator to help make your decision to trust Cumulus Linux easier. If you would like to learn how we put together the calculator as well as see some of the data behind it, you can also check out the TCO Report to get a detailed breakdown.

Based on the data we gathered, we learned that within three years most customers reduced TCO by 48%-55% on their network infrastructure with web-scale networking.

So how much could you save by lowering your data center costs? Use the calculator to find out and then view the TCO report on that page to learn more.