In the last few months at Cumulus Networks, we’ve put a lot of focus on finding innovative ways to make web-scale networking accessible to data centers of all sizes and engineers of all backgrounds. We released features like NCLU, EVPN and PIM to make that happen.

In our minds, web-scale networking principles make data centers more powerful and make engineers’ lives easier. We take great pride in helping organizations accelerate their journey to web-scale in the fastest, simplest way possible. That’s why we are super excited to announce that web-scale networking with Cumulus Networks just got EVEN BETTER. We know, you didn’t think it was possible.

Allow us to formally introduce Cumulus Express — your turnkey solution featuring an open networking switch preloaded and licensed with Cumulus Linux. Each Cumulus Express switch is ready to go as is, improving your time to market by eliminating steps to install and research optics. That’s right, you can now deploy switches running Cumulus Linux in one easy step.

With Cumulus Express you get:

  • 1G to 100G platforms: Available in 1G-T, 10G/10G-T, 25G (coming soon), 40G & 100G speeds
  • NOS & license preloaded: Each switch comes preloaded with Cumulus Linux with an active license key installed
  • Peace of mind: Eliminate compatibility confusion by accessing our list of certified cables/optics that work seamlessly with Cumulus Express
  • 3-year customer support: Each switch comes with 3 years of support, including a hardware warranty
  • A breath of fresh air: Cumulus Express makes web-scale networking faster, easier and more efficient than ever before

Cumulus Express offers a complete portfolio of networking switches (1G to 100G platforms) that customers across the globe can source from Cumulus Networks’ authorized channel partners. And they’re ready to go now. Simply head to our HCL and you’ll find several Edge-Core boxes ready to purchase — and that’s just the beginning. We’ll be adding more switches in the very close future.

Over 40% of global enterprises will have adopted web-scale networking principles by 2020. With Cumulus Express, we’re helping organizations who want to accelerate their adoption of web-scale principles.

Cumulus Express makes purchasing and deploying Cumulus Linux easy for those looking for a one-stop-shop approach. You’ll still get all the web-scale technology and advantages available with a completely disaggregated approach to Cumulus Linux, but with Cumulus Express, you save yourself a few steps by getting the hardware and software all in one.

Plus, all of our customers still have the choice of choosing hardware and software that fits their budget and needs. You can choose from our long list of compatible hardware, deploy with Cumulus Express or even go with a combination of the two. As always, the choice is up to you— that’s the beauty of open, web-scale networking.

We’re thrilled to now offer even more choice and flexibility to our web-scale networking offering. We hope this new one-stop shop model will be ideal for those customers looking for a turnkey solution that improves time to market.

You can learn more about Cumulus Express and how to purchase by visiting our overview page