It’s a new era for Cumulus technology. We’re thrilled to announce the new Cumulus VP of Engineering – Partho Mishra. Partho joins Cumulus with 25 years of experience in product definition, engineering development and technology evangelization in data science/analytics, wireless and networking.

A truly experienced leader

Prior to joining Cumulus, Partho was running the RASA Network Analytics team at Aruba where he lead as CEO and then VP after RASA was acquired by Aruba in 2016. At RASA analytics, Partho’s team was in charge of developing a product that used ML/AI techniques to analyze data collected from network infrastructure to help Aruba customers with optimizing their wireless network and improving user experience.

Previously, he was Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Service Provider Access Business Unit with responsibility for Metro-Ethernet and Wireless Backhaul products including the ASR 901, ASR 903, ME 3400 and CPT 50 products.

Partho is no stranger to bringing startups to the next level. Prior to being acquired, RASA was a VC-funded startup with Khosla Ventures as the lead investor. Additionally, he was involved as part of the initial technology/founding teams in two Silicon Valley start-ups: Airgo Networks (acquired by Qualcomm) and Iospan Wireless (acquired by Intel) that developed the first MIMO Wireless LAN and Wireless WAN technologies/products respectively.

If you’re interested in getting to know Partho and his experience in engineering and tech, check out his LinkedIn profile.

Big shoes to fill

Wondering what’s next for Shrijeet? Our former VP of Engineering, Shrijeet Mukherjee, isn’t going anywhere. Shrijeet has moved into the role of Chief Architect and will remain a key leader in the company. In fact, this probably means you’ll be seeing a lot more of him on the blog, in webinars and at events. And if you’ve ever heard Shrijeet talk about Linux networking, you know that the more he’s communicating his knowledge to the world, the better off the industry is as a whole. We congratulate Shrijeet on his new position, and are excited to see how, together, Partho and Shrijeet can take the Cumulus Networks brand even further.

As our new VP of Engineering, Partho will be responsible for driving our engineering and GSS efforts globally, ensuring we continue to deliver a truly visionary set of products, with no compromise on quality. As a customer, follower or fan of Cumulus Networks (you’re reading our blog, afterall), you should care because that means more product features, more optimized support and even more innovation coming out of Cumulus Networks and into your business.

Cheers to a new era

We are truly delighted to be welcoming Partho Mishra to Cumulus Networks. The next several months are going to be exciting, challenging and pivotal. In the next coming weeks, Partho will be introducing himself on the blog and telling you a little bit more about why he joined Cumulus. Be sure to stay tuned! And for those looking for more information about our team and what it’s like to work at Cumulus, check out this blog post (and this one, too).