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Network monitoring, “Wonderwall” by Oasis, virtual test environments, Wu-Tang Clan (Cumulus Rules Everything Around Me!), validating configurations and cursed email chains. What do all of these things have in common? They’re all topics in Kernel of Truth’s second episode! Now, if you want to know HOW all of these seemingly random talking points fit together, you’ll have to listen for yourself, but the main focus of this discussion is Day 2 operations. Specifically, we get into important topics like:

  • The importance of accurate virtual environments
  • Managing configuration changes
  • How to handle updating configs and removing vulnerabilities
  • Why screenshots of Word documents make network operators die inside
  • And more!

Our guest panel consists of two networking ops experts from Cumulus Networks: Senior Consulting Engineer Rama Darbha (also known as “Tough Tiger Fist” according to the Wu-Tang name generator), who you’ll remember from our previous episode on network automation, and Technical Marketing Engineer Pete Lumbis (aka “Master Block Warrior”). These industry pros joined me (“Ungrateful Ambassador”) to provide first-hand experience and insight into why Day 2 operations deserve just as much attention as architectural design.

On another note, we’ve got some great news — your new favorite open networking podcast is now available on many of your favorite podcast apps, including iTunes, Google Play, Castbox and Stitcher (plus Spotify, coming soon)! We’re all about choice at Cumulus, so listen to podcasts the way YOU want to, and let us know if there are any other platforms you’d like to hear us on.

No matter how you choose to tune in to our latest episode, your ears are in for a real treat! And if you take away nothing else from this episode, let it be this profound instance of wisdom, a quote which will surely be made into a sticker that graces the bumper of every Prius, Tesla and Honda Civic in the Silicon Valley…

“YOLO-ops is not ops,”
– Alfred Pete Lumbis III, 2018

Enjoy the ruckus!

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Podcast guest bios

Pete Lumbis: Pete Lumbis, CCIE R&S #28677 and CCDE 2012::3, is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Cumulus Networks. He helps customers build and design next generation, fully automated data centers. He can be found on Twitter at @PeteCCDE

Rama Darbha: Rama Darbha is a Senior Consulting Engineer at Cumulus Networks, helping customers and partners optimize their open networking strategy. Rama has an active CCIE #22804 and a Masters in Engineering and Management from Duke University.