Upgrade and configuration management with push button simplicity

Network operations is all about keeping the network running smoothly and without problems. It includes monitoring the network for performance problems and faults, as well as fixing problems before they affect end users, or at least in the timeliest manner possible. Managing network assets correctly is critical to avoiding application-impacting network outages, performance degradation and security incidents.

However, network operators often struggle with operational challenges such as network disruptions caused by maintenance and configuration changes. Furthermore, business networks are often fairly large and complex, which means the set of tasks a network administrator will need to perform can quickly overwhelm manual efforts. This requires a shift, not only to modern networking, but also to modern operational tools as well.

To help solve these issues, Cumulus Networks has added new lifecycle management (LCM) capabilities to Cumulus NetQ 3.0, offering a simple GUI-driven workflow for provisioning, operating, maintaining and retiring network switches running Cumulus Linux.

Figure 1: NetQ Lifecycle Management

With the addition of full lifecycle management functionality, NetQ 3.0 now combines the ability to easily upgrade, configure and deploy network elements with a full suite of operations capabilities, such as visibility, troubleshooting, validation, trace and comparative look-back functionality. The addition of LCM complements customer deployments of Cumulus Linux and helps to further reduce operations costs.

Figure 2: Upgrade with Push Button Simplicity with NetQ Lifecycle Management

NetQ now offers simplified software upgrade functionality for Cumulus Linux with push button simplicity and provides a critical function for Cumulus Linux customers.

What previously would require automation scripting and significant development effort to perform a software upgrade, can now be done simply with the push of a button through NetQ’s simple-to-use GUI interface.

NetQ removes all of the complexity, workstreams, hassle and risks associated with the upgrade process, allowing customers to focus on more strategic efforts.

To minimize risk of network disruption, NetQ also captures and compares the live state of the network before and after maintenance or configuration changes.

NetQ will soon also support Cumulus Linux installations and configurations, making Cumulus Linux easier to deploy and manage, allowing customers to easily install a new switch and push a golden configuration from a centralized location. In addition, NetQ provides customers with the ability to enforce standards and best practices, deploy configlet that helps to automate repetitive configuration tasks and easily identify configuration differences when configurations on the box do not match the default configuration.

The addition of LCM to NetQ is a significant advancement as we continue to enable our customers to more easily maintain and operate their Cumulus Linux-based networks. The inclusion of network lifecycle management practices helps data centers lower operational costs, increase flexibility, reduce security risks and maximize the value of networking infrastructure.

And finally, NetQ LCM removes significant barriers in the operation and management of your network, making adoption of open networking easier than ever!!!

You’ll find a full set of collateral, videos, web pages and a press release below, but, if you’re interested in trying NetQ we’ve made it easier than ever to do so. Try NetQ for free with Cumulus in the Cloud virtual data center.

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